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Trying to Do Things

I always try to have a number of things going on and I don't mind taking a big jump into the proverbial abyss. I'm looking for other people around Fairbanks, AK who would be interested in Doing Things with me.

Current Projects:

  • Boreal Bigfoot Expo - September 4. Centennial Center @ Pioneer Park. Holy crap! This thing is happening SOON. We have guest speakers and some can even check out the replica Gigantopithecus blacki skull that will be on display! This was a pretty big jump. I'm just glad I was able to find some awesome people to help out with it.

  • Books - Yeah, I have a few books in the works. They're kind of taking a backseat until the bigfoot expo is wrapped up.

  • Spooky Art Show - I'm working on a few pieces for a group art show in October. It will be at River City Cafe, October 1st (First Friday). I've teamed up with Aisling Meehan and Lesa Sears.

  • Sewing Projects - I have some random sewing projects on the back burner until the bigfoot expo is wrapped up. I'll show you once I'm done with them.

  • Part 2 - Mars Regolith Seed Project - I did Part 1 of this science project earlier this summer. I plan on getting underway with Part 2 in September. I am growing shit in Martian Regolith (simulant).

Things I'd Like To Do:

The following are projects I would love to toss into the big mix of things. If there is enough interest, I will get started on that project. I refuse to start big things (like the Expo) by myself - it's just too much for one person. If I get 3-5 people who want to work on a project with me (dedicate time, money, labor), I will get on board...or we can at least talk about it and discuss how do-able it is.

  • Horror/Dark Theme Film Festival - I love film and I love dark themes. I think a film festival would be fairly easy to put together. It's a mash up of showing film submissions, holding discussions, and holding workshops - primarily. It can be more than that. I'm basing this off of my favorite film genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Dark Documentaries.

  • Interior Alaska Magazine - I already have an outline mock-up for this magazine at 40 pages. I've published stuff before. I just can't do a monthly publication like a magazine all on my own. Topics would include: Interview local artists, First Fridays, Local Bands, Theater, Filmmaking, DIY Stuff, Books, Writing, Holidays, Local Events, Submitted Events, Sky Watch Events, Bazaars & Trade Shows, Food, Local Activism, Lifestyle (like LGBTQ, Fitness, Subcultures, etc), Local Science & Tech, Local Business, Outdoors, Interviews or “Spotlight on…”

  • Teen Boy Magazine - This is an odd duck. I have a nephew and he has friends. I've looked for a a boy version of Teen Vogue or something. Guys just don't have it. Teen boys get skipped over. There are magazines for men like GQ and Maxim, but nothing geared towards teen boys. I don't know if I would be able to swing this one without a solid crew of people, especially someone with marketing/advert skills and connections with obtaining teen boy fashion adverts. I totally have a mock up for this sitting at 92 pages.

  • Goth Sewing Challenge - I have some ideas for a few goth sewing challenges. I don't know if anyone who reads this would be interested. It's an "at home" sort of project. You finish the challenge, take some photos, and show us what you came up with. It's that simple.

Honestly, I'm open to a bunch of different things. I have business ideas (tons of them), festival ideas, tech ideas, competition ideas, performance ideas, and more. I just have no idea who would be interested in these ideas or if they appeal to anyone aside from myself.

If you would like to talk about these things, let me know.

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