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Future House?

I’ve been wanting to have a house rather than an apartment. Right now the housing market is just sky high with homes that are far too large and mediocre. I’ve been thinking about finding a piece of property and building a home. The cost of building a home is coming out to an estimated cost that is pretty much the same as if I were to buy a home.

What am I looking for in a house?

This was a big question that I had to nail down when I started keeping tabs on the housing market in my area and then started looking at home plans. Here’s what I’m looking for: 2 bedroom, garage, open floor plan, modern, radiant floors, smart home, high fence in backyard (or area to put up a dog yard), and somewhere not too far from my gym.

I’m not looking for a 4-6 bedroom, 2-3 bathroom monster of a house, which is what seems to be out on the market. In fact, the plans that I’ve been looking at range from 890-1400 sq ft because it’s me and two dogs.

The floor plan I’ve picked out is 1478 sq ft, 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, and garage.

Modern Nordic Black House

I really like the modern nordic black house look, but haven’t found a floor plan that works for me. Instead I found something that looks modern and blocky.

Not 100% sure on anything

Like I mentioned before, I have a number of floor plans that I’ve been looking at that range from 890-1400 sq ft. I’m okay with the modern blocky floor plan that is 1478 sq ft, so I’ve been planning around that floor plan. I figure that should give me a general prospective cost.

I’ve been putting together lists by room for what I want - walls, flooring, counters, appliances, toilets, etc. Anything I can think of that I don’t already have. A big part of this is creating a smart, sustainable home including: radiant heating (under the floor), smart security, smart shower system, water-sense efficient toilet, smart energy efficient washer/dryer, smart kitchen appliances, smart kitchen faucet, bamboo flooring (sustainable), Low-E or solar windows (still looking for a place to obtain solar windows), electric car charger (this can be installed later, but I want to plan for it), home air purifier, indoor growing system, smart thermostats, smart tv, and a smart garage door system.

I hate baseboard heaters. I know that they are super common, but they get in the way and they are not efficient. I hate - hate - hate them! Radiant heating, which gets laid under the floor, is more energy efficient and cost effective. Really, the only downfall is that if you need to change the ambient room temperature it just takes a little time to warm or cool - BUT, if you adjust the thermostat and run to the grocery store or something, then it’s all good when you get back.

Pairing up with radiant floor heating is finding non-carpet flooring. I really hate carpet. I’ve been looking at bamboo flooring because bamboo is a “rapid renewal” resource which makes it sustainable. The only other flooring would be for the bathrooms and utility room - all tile.

I haven’t totaled up the costs of everything yet. Some items I’m still doing research on like LG or Samsung for the best smart kitchen appliances? What’s the best smart washer and dryer? Flooring will have to be put in a range since it’s always up in the air as to what’s available.


I'm looking for feedback on building a house and creating the best smart and sustainable home. I love the customization factor that goes into building a home. I know exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for.

Looking for feedback on:

  • Feedback on building a house, rather than just buying one.

  • Smart technology for homes

  • Anyone know where I can find solar windows for purchase?

  • Sustainable materials for home

  • Recommendations on items like Nest vs Ring or something

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