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Forming Local Nerdy Club

I'm forming a local sci-fi influenced, nerdy STEAM club for adults. Trekkies welcome. I have a number of side projects going and I'd love to talk and work with others on some group stuff. We're talking science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematic projects with a heavy lean on the future and sci-fi influences.

FB Group Link - Click here for the fb group club

What sort of things am I working on? I don't want to get too detailed about it until the projects are done, but I have a plant growth in Martian regolith project, clothing project for more efficient and high tech clothes, and I have a space station design that I'm working on...just to name a few.

Club Name: Still working on this. Not super important at the moment. The aim is to have it sound cool, but without having to explain it every fucking time it's mentioned.

Meetings: Our goal is to meet up once a month for coffee and discussions (for now). If people dig this, then we can meet up more often.

Club Details: We are super picky about who gets in. We want you to be self-motivated when it comes to projects, but we also want people who may be open to the occasional group project or working with other members to do some sort of public presentation or whatever. You have to be familiar with the scientific method. You have to be located around Fairbanks, AK so you can show up to the in-person meetings. Don't be a flake - show up and get projects done!

Cool Shit That We're Into:

  • Space

  • Robots

  • AR and VR

  • Aeronautics/Rocketry

  • Biology

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Kitchen Science

  • Architecture & Building Materials

  • Space-Age/Futuristic Design

  • Communications

  • First Contact Planning

  • Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, etc

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