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Seeking Help

As you know, if you have poked around this blog or have been following me, I have been on a pretty long fitness journey. For all the hoops I’ve jumped through, I don’t feel like I’ve made much progress at all, aside from inspiring some people to get fit. I’m surprised every time someone mentions that they were inspired by me since I don’t post terribly often.

Me, after training my ass off, on stage and still not looking good

I’ve been seeing a doctor who determined that I was deficient in chromium, so I take chromium now. It hasn’t made me lose anything.

I’m told that I am a difficult case and my body’s relationship with glycogen is messed up. What would normally be totally acceptable for people ends up making my body store fat. --Insert A Giant Frowny Face-- What this means is that my body will turn things to fat super quickly, unless I’m able to deplete my energy stores (exercising a lot or not eating).

I’ll tell you what…I increased my workouts from 5 times a week to 9 times a week for a few months and really saw no difference. Just water weight fluctuation. I’m pretty strict on my diet too. Losing 5lbs in like 4 or 5 months is NOT success. Not when I know that if I eat a single slice of pizza I’m just going to gain 3lbs thanks to my body’s whacked out issues.

I’m seeking additional help. I am working with a personal trainer at my gym and I’m going to talk to a different doctor about possibly taking ozempic or something. I have to go get more labs done first…on Monday. It won’t be so bad. I’ve just had all sorts of labs in the last year.

My trainer has me back down to 5 days a week of working out with time limits on cardio. He thinks I was overdoing it, which is possible. We’re still working on a new workout routine - which is cool. I’m game for some new things.

I can’t be the only person out there with issues like this.

Is it a pre-menopause thing?

Do I have some disease that I’m unaware of like a glycogen storage disease (adult onset)? (Okay, probably not, but it's still a concern)

Do I need to eat more protein?

If you are having issues and feel like you have tried everything within your own power to make changes happen, it's okay to seek help from people. Really consider who you're going to talk to, make some notes for yourself, and hopefully things can be turned around.

For the record regarding the photo: Don't piss in my cup and tell me it's apple juice, okay? My body fat percentage is higher than it should be for doing a muscle show AND for the effort I've been putting in. I know exactly where I'm at and I'm not happy about it. I did the show because I committed to it. Was I embarrassed by my body fat percentage? YES. I still smiled and did the show.

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