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Fall Foods

In Alaska, August is late-summer and September is the start of fall. I'm a huge fan of fall season foods. I can't really handle a pumpkin spice latte because I don't like all the sugar and I stopped drinking milk years ago, but I do love pumpkin spice custard and stuff.

I have a solid list of some recipes to try that shouldn't throw you off your nutrition game. These are hand picked to be bodybuilder-friendly.

During the fall season I love throwing a tenderloin into the crockpot with some seasonings, onion, mushrooms, etc. If you start it in the morning, by the time you're done with work, you have dinner just about ready to go. I like to puree some cauliflower and add my crockpot concoction over that.

I was instructed to increase my carbohydrates recently, so I've started eating a bowl of protein oatmeal in the morning. I just use instant oats, but it's fine. This is why I added in the protein porridge recipe.

Fall foods tend to be carb-heavy with pasta, grains, and baked goods. If you're trying to avoid weight gain, just be super aware of what you're consuming. People really start getting into the baking crazy in the fall with cooler temperatures and increase of holidays.

Foods to Really Look Forward To:

  • Squash - Winter and summer squashes are going to start being harvested. If you're trying to stay with low glycemic index, then opt for spaghetti squash or zucchini.

  • Berries - Fall is perfect for berries. Berry picking is a big deal up in Alaska. It's almost combative and people keep quiet about "their berry spots". Berries can be kept frozen to last through the winter.

  • Garden Harvest - Typically people harvest their gardens in the fall. Just think of all those wonderful vegetables you can eat. It's a great time to harvest your own garden or to hit up a local farmers market for fresh produce.

  • Game Meat - For us in Alaska, September is the start of hunting season. Game meat is from birds and animals that are hunted like grouse, pheasant, moose, deer, bear, etc.

  • Fish - In the northern areas, fishing season (for the average person) is typically in the summer and fall. After that you have to head to the ocean or wait for lakes to freeze so you can ice fish. I don't like fishing in the winter, I think it's stupid. In Alaska we hot smoke our salmon and can it for the winter. You can cold-cure salmon for gravlax (or lox), but it's not typical up here. Most people try to get some salmon and halibut in the freezer.

  • Mushrooms - The fall is a great time for mushrooms. Different varieties are available to forage at different points of the year, but late-summer/fall is a good time of year to find them. You can probably find some local mushroom sellers with good varieties, not just white caps or crimini.

  • Stone and Orchard Fruits - Apples, nectarines, plums, peaches, etc tend to have a fall harvest. If you can have apples on your diet, try making your own apple chips. They're easy to make and there are a lot of methods.

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