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Autumn For The Single Person

I'm single, not looking to get into any sort of relationship, and I don't have many friends to do shit with. It always seems like everyone has other stuff going on or they just aren't interested in hanging out. This is my norm, but sometimes I wouldn't mind a little company. Anyway, instead of focusing on that, I decided to focus on things you can do as a single person (whether single or simply as an individual). Yes, yes, yes, you can do these things with a friend too.

FYI, these are meant to be practical and good enough for any introvert to enjoy (like myself). Extroverts, you can do these things too! You'll probably just do it with more gusto.

1. Meditative Autumn Walk

Find a good trail in your area for an autumn walk. Put in your headphones, bring some coffee/tea/cider, and simply enjoy being in nature. Maybe you take some pictures. Maybe you bring your dog. Maybe you bring some watercolors and paint something. Enjoy the colors and the cool season.

2. Get Out For Art

A lot of cities out there have monthly art walks. If not, look for a local venue featuring some art and go check it out. Checking out art in your community is a great way to get out without being tied down to a specific function. You can show up, look around, and just leave. If you want to converse with others, you totally can. You get to feel like you got out for a little socialization and culture. Sometimes you just need that.

3. Try Eating Seasonal Food All September Long

Explore food! Try eating more seasonal foods during the month of September! It's harvest time, so your options are abundant! If you're not great in the kitchen, this is a perfect excuse to learn and try new things. If you haven't tried some of the seasonal foods, why not try them? Maybe you'll find a new favorite. I'd also like to add that game meats, nuts, and, yes, pumpkin spice everything are totally included with seasonal food. They're just not listed on the above list of seasonal fruit and veggies.

4. Autumn Photoshoot

Get yourself a tripod and set your camera to a timer setting. Get out in the woods and have your own photoshoot. It might take a while to get that awesome photo, but it's worth it. Be sure to check out camera tricks and ideas online before you venture out.

5. Forage

Local foraging is often done in the autumn with a focus on berries, mushrooms, nuts/seeds, and wild herbs. If you have never done this, it's important that you go with someone who knows what they're doing. You don't want to pick something that's poisonous. Once you collect your food items, clean them, then start using the items or process them for later use (i.e. dehydrator, freezing, etc).

6. Day Spa Trip

Find a local day spa and treat yourself! A lot of spas have seasonal specials, so you might find a fall themed spa treatment (pumpkin is really good for the skin). Get your hair done, get a massage, a facial, maybe sit in a sauna, and just spend a day relaxing. You just made it through summer, fool. Prepare for winter. There are usually manly options (not just women) at day spas too.

7. Fall Deep Clean

This might not sound like fun, but you'll end up with a little extra space, a clean home, and you'll go into winter without all the clutter. This will definitely make you feel like you just created a lighter space. A deep clean just before the upcoming holiday season is MAJOR. Why wait until the last minute? Just pick a day and do it. You could break it up over a week, like Monday after work focus on your bathroom and that closet in the hallway next to it, Tuesday after work might just be bedrooms, Wednesday might just be for the kitchen, Thursday might be for the living room, and Friday might be for everything else inside. I highly suggest hitting the store for some extra cleaning supplies and maybe a new scent for the bathroom and kitchen areas (for use after you're done).

9. Make Time For The Gym

People tend to have excuses for not hitting the gym starting around the fall season. Don't be like that. Instead, make time for the gym. Perhaps try going early in the morning before work, so it's done and you don't have time to make excuses. Working out a few days each week is going to make you feel better, look better, and strengthen your immune system. While co-workers "just can't seem to make it" to the gym, you'll be looking good by the time Christmas comes around. If you're not a fan of the gym, try swimming laps or hot yoga or crossfit or zumba. Find something you like and do it.

10. Jam, Butters, & Pickled Foods

Christmas is coming faster than you realize. If you want to get a head start and don't have a ton of cash, fall is a great time to start preparing. Learn to make and can jam, fruit/veggie butter, and/or pickled items. You can find tutorials on pinterest for all kinds of things: strawberry jam, flower jelly, berry jam, apple butter, pumpkin butter, pear-vanilla bean butter, pickled green beans, pickled cabbage, pickled blueberries, and more. Once you get your items canned, you can tuck them away for Christmas. When Christmas rolls around you can create your own food gift baskets with your homemade items, perhaps some chocolate, cookies, crackers, hot cocoa mix, wine, etc. Everyone loves food! When the holidays come around, you won't be stressing about gifts - which, as a single person, seems to happen every year.

11. Journal, Blog, Vlog, Diary

It probably doesn't come as a big shock that I have a collection of journals that I regularly use. I use them to organize my thoughts for various projects, make lists, write poetry, and whatever else comes to mind. Some people like to make diary entries (not my thing) or vlog (not really my thing). I mention this because you can chill at a coffee shop, plug into headphones, and journal/doodle/blog/etc. I find it super cathartic. It's a great way to organize thoughts, write down ideas for social media/blog/vlog, and make notes on various projects you have going on. As a single person, I find that I get a lot of journal entries made during the fall, mostly because non-single people just seem...busier? That doesn't seem like the right term because I always have stuff going on, but non-single people just seem to be scheduled differently and deal with more chaos.

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