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Health Goth: Power Playlist

I wanted to give you 20 of my favorite power songs that are goth and industrial. These songs are bent on giving you a musical power boost. These are some of the songs I listen to when I'm doing cardio.

I will post a playlist for weightlifting, which isn't as high-paced.

  1. "Hurricane Fighter Plane" by Alien Sex Fiend

  2. "Anarchy" by KMFDM

  3. "Snake Dance" by March Violets

  4. "Wicked Pussycat" by Danzig

  5. "Body Burn" by Cubanate

  6. "Lava" by Ministry

  7. "Light" by KMFDM

  8. "Masters of The Universe" by Juno Reactor

  9. "Oh My Goth" by Razed in Black

  10. "Ignore The Machine" by Alien Sex Fiend

  11. "Children of The Grave" by Black Sabbath

  12. "Hole in The Ground" by Sister Machine Gun

  13. "Killing Fields" by Funker Vogt

  14. "Wardance" by Killing Joke

  15. "A Letter To God" by London After Midnight

  16. "Rock is Dead" by Marilyn Manson

  17. "Bad Trash" by Switchblade Symphony

  18. "Joy" by VNV Nation

  19. "Head Like A Hole" by Nine Inch Nails

  20. "Gonna Getcha" by Zombie Girl

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