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Wine & Muscle Showcase 2024

The Wine & Muscle Showcase in Fairbanks, AK is coming up on June 1st. I've been in the process of getting ready for the show. This one isn't a competition, just a showcase. Fairbanks will be having an actual bodybuilding competition on September 28th, through the IPL.

In case you are in town for it, the Wine & Muscle Showcase will feature bodybuilding, boxing, and dance. I'm not sure what else they have planned. Tickets are $35.

The IPL 2024 Golden Heart Classic is a natural bodybuilding competition. I am currently signed up for 3 categories, but I might sign up for a fourth if I can really get myself cut.


My absence has been due to grad school. That's right. I'm in the process of getting a Masters of Space Operations - when I'm not working or training for bodybuilding shows. I actually have 8 of 10 classes done at this point. The next session starts at the end of May and I'll knock out the last 2 classes over 9 weeks.

This degree is more on the business/project management side of the space industry.


I've also been thinking about possibly moving into the social media scope of things after I finish my degree. I'm working on a health goth book and might just base things around that. I could probably use some sort of help with it.

I'll start working on this in my spare time. Please let me know if there is anything you would want me to cover.

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