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Goth Shops 2020

I used to know where to go online and locally for shopping for goth stuff. I should mention that I graduated high school in 2000, so I kind of grew up with a great number of goth resources - the number one place online being The Dark Side of The Net. It's still around, but now it's in a blog form and it's just not the same. LINK

This is for all the folks out there looking for some macabre clothes.


Pretty sweet threads at Killstar. The big issue with Killstar is that it seems like it's pretty much the go-to. That's not a bad thing, but if you want variety in your social setting be sure to shop at a second location as well.


I hate the name of this store. It sounds modified used clothes or something. They do happen to have a fun range of clothes, corsets, and accessories.

Kreepsville 666

If you need to get your gothabilly on, this is a good place to start. They carry Vampira and Elvira official items.

Creepy Company

This company is for fans of horror films. They do carry Bela Lugosi items and vintage Beistle items. I have a number of things from this store.

La Femme Noir

High-quality vintage goth. This stuff is gorgeous, but you're going to pay a pretty penny for it. I LOVE the bat wing sunglasses and the Vampira sunglasses - I haven't bought either one yet. Beautiful, feminine, goth AF.

Black Craft Cult

I like a lot of BCC stuff. The items I have purchased are awesome. Poke around on the website and you'll notice that there are some satanic vibes - do what thou wilst. Health goths - they carry some workout clothes.

Too Fast

If you want to shop for punk and goth, this is a shop for you to start at.

Tripp NYC

Tripp NYC is still around. Get your punk and bondage pants HERE.

Lip Service

It's not what it once was, but Lip Service is still out there. This was always such a cool store. I think I still have some Lip Service hot pants shoved into a drawer somewhere. This place is super cool, so check it out.

Jennie Nitro Clothing

Anyone who was into the goth scene in the 90s probably remembers Jennie Nitro. Guess what - the shop is still open and still sells all the stuff we're used to seeing from the store. Get your 90s-goth look on!


Corsets of all kinds!

Tragic Beautiful

General online goth shop that carries some items from the places on this list plus some other stuff.

Lady Lucie Latex

If you are in need of latex fetish clothing, this is the shop for you. Men and Women.

Phaze Clothing

From goth to punk to fantasy to steampunk. This shop has all kinds of alternative clothes.

Kate's Clothing

This UK shop has some super fun spooky threads for men and women.

Violet Vixen

This place has a good selection of alternative clothing. Retro, goth, pride, and more.

Heavy Red

This goth shop is one place to look for your corporate goth needs. They have some cool dresses and stuff too. Women's store.

Virgin Blak

Virgin Blak strives to have different goth stuff than typical goth shops. Has euro goth vibes.

Victorian Trading Company

Just as it says, this is everything for Victorian enthusiasts. Clothing, housewares, seasonal, etc.

Vampire Freaks

A mix of goth and punk items for men and women.

Dracula Clothing

This place is pretty stylish. I totally need a bat collared blouse! Men and women. This is a great place for romantic goths.

Dark In Closet

Goth, medieval, Victorian, and steampunk items for men and women at this shop. Unique finds.

Dare Fashion

This seems like day to day goth wear that isn't a pile of t-shirts.

Dark Angel Design

A shop for romantic goths and medieval/Renaissance goths.

Alchemy Gothic

Clothing and jewelry. This shop has been open in the UK since 1977 - when the punk scene first emerged.

Madame Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow

This shop has been around for about 20 years now. Cool designs.

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