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Overtone Hair Color

I have a medium tone brown hair naturally. I started dying my hair in...1995 (8th grade). I got it cut into, well I asked for a "pixie" but what I got was, a short pageboy cut. To make matters worse, I wore big framed glasses at the time and ended up going to school in an orange sweater. I looked like Velma from 'Scooby-Doo'. Anyway, I ended up in tears after school (because I guess I didn't really see it when I looked in the mirror) and demanded to hit up the grocery store. Grabbed a box of blue-black hair dye and that was the start of dying my hair until...2005/6 (my final year of art school). I went to dye my hair and KA-BOOM! Suddenly allergic to hair dye. I tried it again and the allergic reaction happened again. It was BAD. It felt like elephant skin. It was itchy, but hurt to scratch. Hot water hurt. Cold water hurt. It took a Z-pack to make it go away. I believe the doctor was like "Oh my God!" when he looked at Christmas break. I had to wait for Christmas break to fly from NJ to Alaska to get to the doctor. FFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK

I've been trying to live with the awful brown since then, but I hate it. Overtone works pretty well. I've used their black before and it's nice. The first time I was able to dye my hair and NOT have an allergic reaction I almost cried. I felt like my old self again. Black has always been my go-to hair color (though I have tried other colors, mostly manic panic colors).

I just got my new box of Overtone in with Black, of course, and Purple for Brown Hair. I have high hopes of the purple not sucking ass. The black isn't a blue-black. If it was paint, I'd call it a Mars Black. I do like the look of silver, which Overtone carries, but I'm to the age where people would probably just say "wow, she went grey fast!" (almost 40).

If you're not familiar with Overtone, let me go over some stuff about it. It's free of sulfates, ammonia, and parabens. It's like a 14-day temp dye. If you check out the ingredients it has a lot of different natural oils, some coloring, water, alcohol, glycerin, and only a few chemicals. It smells pretty good. You just put it onto dry hair and let it set 10-15 min (I tend to give it an extra 5 minutes), then rinse out your hair. The 8oz tub lasts for a few dye jobs (not just a one shot deal) and it costs $22. Overtone Link

I kind of like it. I haven't done purple in forever. I like that it's dark. It's there, but it's almost subtle.

Sweet. I have purple hair now!

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