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Goth Garden: Swan Island Dahlias

Some folks really love roses. I actually prefer dahlias. My preferred dahlia bulb supplier is Swan Island Dahlias. I will be noting the flower diameter size because dahlias run from very small to very very large. Dahlias are wonderful in the garden, but are also superb flowers for bouquets. Cafe au Lait, for example, are highly sought after for weddings. If you are an artist, you might be interested in using dahlias for a still life piece.

American Beauty 8"

Chickadee Globe 1-1/2"

Cafe au Lait 8"

Black Satin 4"

Crossfield Ebony Globe 1-1/2"

Einstein 7"

Diva 6"

Deborah Renae 5"

Envy 11"

Karma Choc 4"

Kaisha Lea 5"

Blackberry Ice 4-1/2"

October Sky 5"

My Hero 11"

Lights Out 3-1/2"

N Force 5"

Nadine Jessie 5"

Sellwood Glory 7"

Outta Da Blue 3"

Redd Devil 4"

Spartacus 9"

Taboo 5"

Tahoma Moonshot 3"

Voodoo 5"

Spoiled Rotten 7"

Vixen 4"

White Lightning 4"

Unicorn Dreams 5"

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