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A recent picture of me in Utah

Are you interested in trying out what I do in the gym? Give it a go for a month. Basically the schedule is Monday (Back), Tuesday (Legs + Extra Cardio), Thursday (Chest), and Friday (Arms + Extra Cardio). Shoulders get worked in throughout the week. Some spillover glute stuff also gets done throughout the week. For the cardio, you can do whatever you'd like. I recommend using an elliptical since it moves the whole body and can help release muscle tension. I think the best reason to use ellipticals is that they go at whatever speed you are going, unlike a treadmill which goes at a set pace. My speed varies when I do cardio, so I hate treadmills.

The extra cardio is a second 20 minute session of cardio. I like to switch it up to the stair climber. The trick with stair climbers is you don’t go fast. Simply go at a pace you can maintain for at least 5 minutes. You might have to break it down into 4 x 5 minute sessions which is what I have to do until I build up to 2 x 10 minute sessions.

I have provided weight suggestions. If there is nothing listed, then it’s bodyweight. Keep in mind that when you work with a barbell, such as with landmine movements or back squats, you add in the weight of the bar. Typically barbells are 45lbs (or 20.4117kg), but you can check on the end of the barbell for details. If you squat with two 25lbs plates, then the math is: 25 + 25 + 45 = 95lbs

If you see something like this:

  • 3x10 One

    • 3x10 Two

It means to superset these exercises. Do one full set [of One] and follow it with a full set of the next exercise [of Two], THEN take a break. These are all for 3 sets, so you would just repeat until you complete all three sets. It really drives that muscle burn. I've also indicated what you're going to be feeling - you're welcome.

Before you get started, let me touch on this real quick. Weightlifting helps to burn fat and increase muscle. Cardio burns calories. When you do both of them you get a fantastic workout.

Monday (Back)

  • 3x10 (heavy) Cable Row

  • 3x10 (moderate) Straight Arm Cable Pulldown

  • 3x5 Pull-ups (Assisted is fine)

  • 3x10 (heavy) Pulldown Machine or Lateral Pulldown Cable

  • 3x10 (heavy) Hip Bridges with Barbell or Machine

  • 3x10 (heavy) RIGHT Bent Over Row with Landmine (lats/rhomboids/traps)

    • 3x10 (heavy) LEFT Bent Over Row with Landmine (lats/rhomboids/traps)

  • 3x30 second Vacuum Holds

  • 30 minute Elliptical

Tuesday (Legs + Extra Cardio)

  • 3x10 (moderate) Leg Curls

  • 3x12 (moderate) Good Morning

  • 3x10 (heavy) 45-degree Leg Press

  • 3x10 (moderate) Back Squat (glutes/quads/hams)

    • 3x5 (heavy) Alternating KB Goblet Lunge (glutes/quads/hams)

  • 3x10 (moderate) Leg Abduction

  • 3x10 (moderate) Leg Adduction

  • 3x30 second Vacuum Holds

  • 20-30 minutes Elliptical


  • 20 minutes Stair Climber


Mid-week break

Thursday (Chest)

  • 3x10 (moderate) Pulley Crossover

    • 3x12 Push Ups

  • 3x10 (moderate) High Face Pull

  • 3x12 (moderate-heavy) Bench Press

  • 3x10 (moderate) DB Butterfly Inclined

  • 3x12 (moderate) RIGHT Shoulder Press with Landmine (shoulder process)

    • 3x12 (moderate) LEFT Shoulder Press with Landmine (shoulder process)

  • 3x30 second Vacuum Holds

  • 30 minutes Elliptical

Friday (Arms + Extra Cardio)

  • 3x12 (moderate-heavy) Full Tricep Extension, Lying (tricep)

    • 3x12 (moderate-heavy) Nose Crusher (tricep)

  • 3x10 (moderate-heavy) Upright Row

  • 3x10 (moderate-heavy) Alternating Bicep Curls, Standing

  • 3x10 (heavy) Alternating Concentration Curls

  • 3x10 (moderate-heavy) DB Arnold Press

  • 3x10 (light) Lateral Raise Standing, DB (middle deltoid)

    • 3x10 (light) Front Raise, DB, Alternating (front deltoid)

  • 3x30 second Vacuum Holds

  • 20-30 minutes Elliptical


  • 20 minutes Stair Climber

Is there anything you'd like to see in the way of exercise? More workout suggestions? Video? Something else?

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