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Morning Protein-Green Smoothie

I have this every morning for breakfast. It's filling and I always look forward to it.

Morning Protein-Green Smoothie

(serving 1)

4-5oz Frozen Berries

~10oz Water

1 tsp MCT Oil, unflavored

1 scoop Super Green Powder by Country Farm

1 scoop Pineapple Chia Cleanse by Smart Pressed Juice

1 TBSP Apple Fiber Powder

1 scoop Whey Protein, vanilla or strawberry

  1. Blend everything together in a blender until smooth. It'll be a little purple-greyish in color, despite the name.

  2. Drink immediately.

Note on Nutrition: Sugars are from the frozen berries mostly. Dietary fiber is at 12g, which is fantastic. This has healthy fat (MCT oil) and good protein.

Additional things I've added to this smoothie: broccoli sprouts, spinach or other leafy greens, frozen avocado, aloe (inner fillet), chaga powder (ultra fine), and moringa powder.

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