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Film Fest Feelers

I'd love to start planning a film festival for Fairbanks, AK, but I don't know if there's any local interest in it. My interest lies in doing shit I think is different and exciting. In a month the Boreal Bigfoot Expo will happen and then I'm totally free for the next project.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Dark Documentaries

Looking for people who want to work towards making this happen. We can meet up for coffee or something on Saturday mornings. I'm working on some preliminary expenses to get a sense of what the estimated costs would be. I totally have a plan for a first meeting - literally just looking for some other people to help out.

  • Be willing to spend time working on the film festival and make meetings

    • We'll need leads for Volunteer Coordinator, Social Media & Website, Merchandise & Tickets, etc.

  • Talk film (especially the genres noted) and film festivals (google them).

  • Have cool ideas. Let's think outside the box!

  • Be willing to try getting sponsors for the festival.

  • Have a desire to do something to promote film, film industry, and creativity in the area.

  • Volunteer only - I can't pay people to do this.


Email: - Jessie Desmond

Be sure to tell me if you're interested in any particular committee member spot or just a general committee member spot. Also, find me on facebook so we can form a private committee member only group.

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