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Virtual Races

I was having a pretty rough day on Monday, but then I got my race medallion in the mail. It's for completing a virtual race. This one happens to be the Vampire race (Yes.Fit) that is 105.2 miles.

If you are trying to get your cardio in and you want to get something for your effort, virtual races might be something to consider. You can walk, run, bike, or swim for your miles. Log your distance each day until you complete the distance goal. Once you complete the distance, you can get a t-shirt and/or a medallion. You can also hook it up to your fitness tracker.

I have run the Bigfoot race (82.1 miles) and the Vampire race (105.2 miles). I am currently working on the short Sleepy Hollow race (25.3 miles), then I'll be running the Frankenstein's Monster race (52.4 miles). There are new races added periodically and there are themed races (Disney, paranormal/supernatural, holiday, Nat'l parks, etc).

Virtual races are a growing cardio trend, so go ahead and google "virtual races".

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