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The Push Back

I found myself in a little self-pity slump a few weeks ago after realizing that I'm just not going to make it for the first competition of the year. I've changed a few things around in my workouts and even switched my mid-week workout break to Thursday, instead of Wednesday - in an effort to focus on my back. I think my greatest challenge is dropping my body fat percentage.

Lifting - I mostly lift medium and heavy with dumbbells, cables, and various weight machines. I like to mix it up, so it varies throughout the workout. Sometimes I sale up on the weight per set (15x180lbs, 15x190lbs, 15x200lbs), sometimes I scale down per set (15x55lbs, 15x50lbs, 15x45lbs). I actually feel really really good with how I lift and my progress.

Cardio - I would love to say "I run everyday on my gazelle glider", but I don't. I tend to wait until after work to do my cardio, while my lifting is done in the early am. When I run on the gazelle, I don't run as fast as I would on a standard elliptical. Instead I tend to go a little slower which puts me in that fat-burning zone. Fat Burning Zone = (220 - Your Age) x 0.70

I think my problem is consistency. I always aim for cardio at home 4 days of the week and on Saturday I like to finish leg day with a little bike ride. Sometimes it just seems like I only do 2 days at home, instead of 4. A big problem I have is boredom. I can zone out most of the time, but I do get really bored with basic cardio (running, walking, biking, etc). I think it's due to the fact that I don't feel like I have to be in the moment.

Maybe I don't have something right. Am I missing something? Looking for tips on lowering my body fat percentage.

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My problem is always diet and not enough recovery time...

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