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The Future

Think about the future. Not your personal future, but the future of Earth and the future of mankind.

  • What does it look like?

  • How do you want it to look?

  • Does it appear to be based on some sort of sci-fi future?

  • If you could choose a future for society, how would it operate?

Take a look at yourself. What are you doing to take steps towards that fantastic future? Where is your level of awareness perspective?

I'm interested in the future and hearing other people's opinions on the future. I don't know how to talk to people about it.

Let's quickly talk about the Levels of Awareness Perspective.

There are 5 levels of awareness perspective that I have noticed. Some people are solely in one level while others span 2 or more. If you recognize stuff that fits you, that's probably your level.

  1. Self - The people on this level are focused only on themselves. They are more concerned about trivial things, sometimes drugs/crime, has constant bad habits that they are not convinced are bad, heavily rely on social media and video games, and tend to live in the present - for the most part. They aren't on time. They won't remember your name. They don't think they're wrong. They don't try to reach for greater goals, they simply remain simple.

  2. Inner Circle - The people on this level are focused on those they consider to be in their inner circle. The inner circle can be made up of friends, family, colleagues, etc. They might be concerned about the future or certain issues, if it affects them and their inner circle. These people often display herd mentality, groupthink, and thrive on the echo chamber they create through their inner circle. Inner circles can be formed with the downtrodden, the middle class, the wealthy, the scholarly, and everyone in-between. Driving force or angry mob?

  3. Community & Environment - The people who are focused on community and environment are active in their community. The environment they are concerned with is the one in their particular area for the most part. They tend to have a degree or are a career military person or are a journeyman in a trade. They tend to have a good work ethic and want to work towards a better local community. Sometimes these people step into politics. Their focus is making their community and environment a better place, creating something new and exciting, increasing local economy and sustainability measures, and being rather civic-minded. A lot of these people tend to be more active physically.

  4. Worldly - The people who have a worldly perspective are half focused on worldwide current events and half focused on worldwide advances. A lot of journalists, writers, politicians, sociologists, economists, and paranormal experts (experts specifically) fit the worldly perspective. They tend to lose the lower perspectives. They might not have a social media account or not use social media often. Sometimes these people lose touch with their inner circle or community and environment or even self.

  5. Future - The people who have a future perspective tend to be academic and creative. They are focused on changing society and the world to create a better future. They create a new inner circle of people who can help them with this perspective. At some point, these people go through a life change where they start doing things differently. They might become a minimalist to reduce clutter throughout their lives - home, office, clothing, etc. They might get rid of nearly all their books and media, going fully digital. These people love working on projects that they feel will create change. They might be seen as being strange and/or out of touch.

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