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Surprise Fright Bag

This will be a fun thing to do. I wonder how many people will give it a try. This will probably fuck with your friends and bug them to no end - unless you tell them that it was you who left it. This is also meant to be done with good intentions, so don't be an asshole.

What sort of things can you put in your fright bags? [[DON'T FORGET YOUR NOTE!]]

  • Candy

  • Plastic Fangs

  • Cookies

  • Halloween Make-Up

  • Spooky Mask

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte Gift Card

  • Trick Candy

  • Scary Book

  • Something Else That's Spooky

The following are notes for your fright bags! Feel free to make your own note. It's suggested that you print one out on cardstock, then trim it down. These should print out at a 3"x5" size, no problem.

Hellfire Note

Cemetery Note

Bloodbath Note

Cobweb Note

Day of The Dead Note

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