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Stepping into Corporate Goth

So you got a job and now have to step into the realm of corporate goth. Corporate Goth, if you are completely unaware, is a goth fitting into the corporate realm and has to start having a more corporate (business) look.

This is a basic starter list of things you may want to consider to help you embrace your new corporate life.

1 - Suits & Business Attire

Obviously you've probably already thought "Hey, I can just wear a black suit". You might also want to look into clothing that's in your favorite jewel tones, grey, white, or goth pattern. Velvet dress pants, sweater vests, satin or brocade vests, ties, dress shirts, polo shirts, dresses, cardigans, and skirts. I've always thought that you get further with subtle expression at work in regards to attire. You should aim for everything fitting correctly, minimal wordage/labels, and it helps to have mix & match pieces. Remember: Almost everything comes in black and grey.

You can have typical corporate patterns like: stripes, argyle, houndstooth, paisley, floral, and plaid. While at work, stay away from anything that would be a goth trope like: Burton stripes, spiderwebs, bats, blood, etc. The only exception would be for ties and scarves. Besides, you can wear that other stuff in your free time. No biggie, right?

Here are a few things to help inspire:

2 - Subtle Make Up

Sometimes less is best. If you go into a corporate office and see someone with lots of make up on, they're probably a low-level employee or a temp who doesn't want to be there. Remember, you're at work and you want to kind of fit in. Stick with black liner and a smokey eye or something. Wear the other stuff during your free time. The basic mentality behind this is that you're representing the company you work for and they probably don't want someone who they think looks like a clown representing them. Also, some businesses won't allow black lipstick.

3 - Desk Plant

If you get your own desk, then pick out a great plant and planter. This is a great way to express yourself and no one can really complain about it. Find a planter that helps emphasize your plant and what you like. You might even be able to get away with a skull planter. If you really want a goth plant for your desk, you might want to check out: Begonia Rex or Begonia Escargot, Life Saver Plant, various Coleus plants, Black Velvet Elephant Ear, or even a potted citrus plant (bonus - you get fruit).

4 - Your Desk

Now that you have an idea of the corporate goth look and you might have figured out a plant for your desk, let's actually talk about your desk. You get a little leniency with your desk because it's where you're going to spend a lot of your time. It doesn't need to be ambushed with trinkets to make it awesome. Practice some minimalism at the office. A lot of general office products come in black, clear, metals, leather/faux leather, and wood. Totally use this to your advantage for your basic office needs, then build upon it.

Need pencils or a really nice pen? Keep a secret notebook to feed your artistic soul. Express yourself with a dark coffee mug. You can always have an interesting little doodad (crystal, figurine, etc), but keep the clutter limited. Need a picture of your family or pet? Find a gothic frame. Get a spooky calendar for your desk.

My favorite office goths and vamps:

Some Additional Corporate Goth Inspiration:

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