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Spooky Coffee & Hot Chocolate

I'm a huge Halloween, horror film, and esoteric/occult fan. It's probably no surprise that this time of year is my absolute favorite. Another thing that I love is coffee, which is the reason for this post.

Where can you find spooky coffee and hot chocolate? You might want some for Halloween or for the general spooky season at work. Look no further. I'm about to present 9 brands that you should absolutely check out.

1. Wake The Hell Up Coffee - "Headless Horseman Ultra-Caffeinated"

Cost: $17.99

Notes: I haven't tried this brand. This comes ground in a can or as k-cups.

2. Bones Coffee - "Frankenbones" or "Jacked O Lantern" (or any others)

Cost: $15.99

Notes: I'm a fan of Bones Coffee, though the Electric Unicorn type is just not to my taste. I really love Frankenbones, Army of Dark Chocolate, Holy Cannoli, Mint Invaders From Chocolate Space, and Maple Bacon. They always have fantastic labels. They currently have a limited run of A Nightmare Before Christmas themed coffee.

3. Perkatory Coffee - "Three Witches Espresso"

Cost: $16.00

Notes: This is a an espresso roast - so very dark and strong. If you're looking for a spooky espresso bean, this could be the way to go.

4. Deadly Grounds - "Caffeinated Horror Dude" (or any other)

Cost: $16.50 CAN

Notes: This is a Canadian coffee roaster with just about everything horror-themed like Coconut Scream Pie, Death By Chocolate, Camp Blood, Devil's Night, etc. They have decaf and also a line of tea.

5. Dead Sled Coffee - "Vampira" (or any other)

Cost: $17.99

Notes: Dead Sled has really expanded their line up of spooky coffee. It started with Vampira, Bela Lugosi, and Vincent Price blends. Now you can get 22 different blends.

6. McSteven's - Seasonal Specialty Hot Chocolates

Cost: $7.95

Notes: There is a variety of Halloween hot chocolate produced by McSteven's. Mummy Madness, pictured, is purple hot chocolate. You can also pick up Ghostly White, Pumpkinator orange-colored hot chocolate, Zombie Brew green-colored hot chocolate, Blood Red hot chocolate, etc.

7. Williams Sonoma - "Skull Hot Chocolate Bomb"

Cost: $7.95

Notes: This is a showy item. You drop your skull into your mug, add hot water, and stir. It leaves you with a mug of hot chocolate.

8. Williams Sonoma - "Hot Chocolate Cauldron"

Cost: $16.95

Notes: Hot chocolate that comes in a cauldron tin. Perfect for a witchy theme!

9. Hexe Coffee Co - "Evil Friends" (or any others)

Cost: $15.00

Notes: This witchy coffee company has some spooky blends like Boneshaker Bourbon, Painted As Monsters, and Behemoth Dark Roast.

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