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Sinus Issues?! C'mon!

Just when things get going something has to happen. I'm not sick, I just have sinus problems. In my family our sinus cavities swell, giving us seasonal sinus issues. What can we do about it? Not much. My sister went in to the doctor a few years ago and asked about rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty won't help because it's a matter of swelling. The silver lining is that my sinuses aren't as bad as my sister's and my Dad's.

As soon as I can breathe fully again, I'll be back to the gym. Possibly even tomorrow. I spent Friday going "oh boy, something is going on" and trying to stop it. Saturday was terrible. I was in full sinus mode - sweatpants, robe, carrying a box of kleenex, trying to sleep, double-fisting tea and theraflu, and in a complete zoned-out state. Sunday was a little better. Today I'm better - at work - fully functional. I can kind of breathe through my nose while upright, but am still in mouth breather mode. My lips are so dry!

I feel like if I could just remove my head, my body could go hit the gym and do everything else just fine.

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