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Review: Unico Nutrition Protein Powder & Pre-Workout

Review: Unico Nutrition Protein Powder & Pre-Workout

This is for my heathen friends who love a little god/goddess themed workout powders to boost their workout performances.

Purchased: Unico Nutrition Birthday Cupcake Apollo Protein Powder and Tropical Tie-dye Punch Athena Pre-Workout

Price: Apollo Protein Powder and Athena Pre-Workout - together as “The Goddess Daily Diva” Stack $77.99

Apollo: 24g Protein, 0.5g Fat, 5g Carbohydrates. Birthday cupcake flavor - which would be more accurately called "birthday cupcake batter" flavor. It does have sprinkles. In the third picture I'm pointing to some sprinkles in the mix! One thing I really liked about the Apollo is that it's a blend of whey, casein, and egg white protein. What this means is that you stay full longer. My biggest complaint is that I found this a little too sweet. I started adding in a teaspoon of espresso powder with the mix which helped.

Athena: 5 calories per serving, only 1g Carbohydrates, and packed with aminos and other supplements. Tropical tie-dye punch flavor - which is pretty accurate. Took about 20-30 min to kick in, but definitely provided a non-jittery energy boost. I did make the mistake of brushing my teeth before drinking a glass of this. No no no! Do not do that. It was so hard to get down after the mint. The reverse works though - brush after you drink this. I don't use pre-workout all the time, but it did help me out after some long days at work and it also helped me out for those "off mornings" where I was about to go to work dragging.

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