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Regroup For Monday

Every so often I find myself falling out of sorts with working out and staying on top of eating properly. This might be something like having a little something with dinner for a week (not much, but still not the right foods), not feeling super motivated (yet still wanting to go), wanting to make some changes, feeling continually antsy and unable to relax, and needing to spend some time just doing something else.

Untouched for a week, other than laundry stuff

Of course, I think this happens to everyone. I seem to be able to push through this more in the winter than in the summer. It's not due to fun summer activities, it's more or less due to allergies and the temperature being uncomfortable...general discomfort.

If you happen to find yourself feeling this way - which I usually just refer to as "needing to regroup", I think I can help you out of your brief funk.

  1. Embrace your melancholy - For this brief time, embrace your melancholy. Lounge around, clean impulsively, have a glass of wine, eat that piece of chocolate cake, tend to your plants, and take some time. This isn't a "be a lazy schlub" card because you have things to do.

  2. Take care of your gym bag - Get your things laundered, clean whatever needs to be cleaned, and replace any soaps/lotions that you may have in your bag (if needed).

  3. Playlist - During your time in your funk, work on creating a new playlist. This will take a little time and can help you become excited to workout again.

  4. Switch Routines - One of the biggest things you should do during your funk is decide on how to switch up your gym routine. Maybe start out with 10 min of cardio or end with 10 min cardio. Come up with new lifting movements. Maybe sign up for a weekend early morning class to help start your weekends.

  5. Snack Assessment - What do you have for snacks? Sometimes your snack game can really throw you off. Replenish your kitchen with some healthy snacks and don't forget to grab some dark chocolate.

  6. Clean & Smelly - One thing I like to do when I get this way is to spend a day after work cleaning like a mad-woman. Clean everything, scrub the floors, vacuum ceiling corners for's a good clean. I go out of my way to make sure the bathroom is clean and smells nice. I like a clean lemon scent for my wood floors. I like a strong, delicious smelling candle for the kitchen -- autumn smells are generally my favorite in the kitchen. You would be surprised at how much this can help relax you.

  7. Self-Care - After all of this, you need to do some self-care. Get your hair done, get a massage, go to a movie, go out with friends, have a game night, visit a u-pick farm or farmers market, allow yourself to do some art or read that novel you have been putting off, or something else.

I just took the last week off from the gym. I started off by making sure all of my crap was laundered and I cleaned my place. My bathroom smells like "clean linen" and my kitchen now has a "pumpkin carving" scented candle - smells wonderful. I spent the week doing some art, catching up on some tv and films, and allowing myself to eat some friggin' bread (and a donut courtesy of my sister). Yesterday I went to a local u-pick orchard, my first time going, and I ended up picking 8lbs of apples in like 20 minutes. I enjoyed myself. The place is the only local orchard in the area that I know of. Not a lot of orchards in the center of Alaska...gotta head south to Mat-Su or the Kenai area for better fruit growing weather.

I spent some time reprogramming my workout. I'm still doing basically the same thing, but switched up some of the movements. I have also included some cardio. About 5 or 6 weeks ago, I had this biometrics thing done at the gym. It's cool. It tells you your body fat percentage, your weight, your lean body mass, and so much more. It gives you a print out (Rice Lake brand). My lean body mass is currently (or 5-6 weeks ago current) 133.6lbs. That means that if you took away all my body fat, that is the weight of my muscles and bones. Anyway, my goal is to make that 133.6lbs fucking show. I think a little cardio might help.

I am still feeling a little at a loss without any real support, feeling of community, etc. My friends don't workout. There isn't a bodybuilding group locally that I know of. I seem to know some individuals, but not like a fb group. I know I could just make one, but I feel a little like a fraud or something because I'm working towards bodybuilding competition - I don't have the look yet.

Maybe I should just do it....what if it's about as popular as my forum (fail).....I won't know unless I do it....Ugh.

Looking for some responses, suggestions, etc.

Mausoleum - goth forum:

You can check out the forum if you want. Its made for those who want to communicate with each other, not just post memes.

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