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Product Review: Authentic Bar

I recently decided to give Jacked Factory’s Authentic Bars a try. Flavor options: Birthday cake, kitchen sink, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter candy, and cookie crumble. A 12-pack costs $29.99. These utilize whey protein and are free of soy and artificial sweetener.

I decided to try out the kitchen sink, which is a mix of peanut butter, chocolate, caramel, and pretzel bits. The peanut butter and chocolate are combined in a soft mass that makes up the body of the bar. There are some caramel pieces and pretzel bits mixed in. Overall, the flavor isn’t bad. It doesn’t have a chalky taste or a fake flavor taste.

I already use Jacked Factory supplements, so I'm in favor of them. These protein bars totally leave you feeling full. In fact, I'm having one before the Wine & Muscle Show.

Let's talk about what is in this bar. Peanut butter is the first ingredient. I have pretty much avoided peanut butter over the last few years because I'm not supposed to have legumes. If this could be made with almond butter, that would be a real game changer. The main sweetener for the bar is honey. Whey protein is next on the list. Caramel pieces and milk chocolate are next. These two items are totally not on my dietary list, but I DID decide to purchase this flavor bar. The rest of the items in this bar are not things I should be eating like wheat flour, sugar, and pretzels.

Overall, I think it's a fairly decent protein bar. I wouldn't call it "clean eating" and I don't recommend eating these on a whim. Please consume protein bars strategically. I'm going to guess that chocolate chip cookie dough is going to almost have a texture like cookie dough, just a little firmer. I'm interested in trying the birthday cake and cookie crumble.

Suggestions for Jacked Factory:

  1. Have a sampler option where people can get one of each flavor to try. These bars come out to $2.49 each, so you could easily make it $12.50. Might help sell more.

  2. Almond-Coconut-Dark Chocolate would make a good flavor. Use almond butter, almond pieces, coconut, coconut cream powder, almond and coconut flours, and dark chocolate.

  3. Tart Lemon Cream would be another great flavor. I love a tart lemon and that can easily be paired with a vanilla cream sort of flavor. If you want a crunch to add to it, I'd recommend like a graham cracker crumble.

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