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I find myself cringing every morning when I, always, take a gander at the news. What disaster is going on today? You just overturned Roe v. Wade?! More mass shootings?! Ukraine is still at war with Russia - in case you forgot! The January 6th Hearing is currently going on.

I'm so disgusted with where we are at, I've actually considered running for president. I currently have 4 pages of my own political issues (just outlined). I'm a stoic. I'm a centrist. I'm a futurist. I've never had any ambition towards politics.

Would anyone even know I was running? I mean, would anyone actually give a fuck?

I'm not afraid to post where I stand on political issues. In fact, I'm going to post them. I apologize in advance for them being listed randomly and not listed by category. Please keep in mind that this is just an outline. I do mention certain things like the Good Health Initiative Tax Rebate, which I developed a while ago, but I don't include it here.

Political Issues

“One step towards the future”

  • Move BEYOND Personal Sexual Orientation, Identity, Religion, and Race Issues. We have to move beyond these “social blockade” issues. Sexual orientation, gender identification, religious preference, and race is just part of people being people. The people who focus on these topics as “problems” are the actual problems. We need to accept people for who they are and what they are able to do. Value the productivity and actions of people; and, don’t allow race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation to have an effect on that.

    • You have to be able to separate the things you can control and the things you cannot. When you cannot control something, you can control how you respond to that thing.

      • You cannot control people’s race, religious preference, gender identification, sexual orientation, and basic human rights.

  • Abortion and Sexual Rights. There are a number of various reasons why abortions may be needed or wanted. The person carrying the conceived has the right to make the final decision, as it is their body that will change if pregnancy goes to full term. I believe that the limit for deciding on abortion should be capped at 4 months, unless there is a medical emergency.

    • When it comes to sexual rights, I support planned parenthood, and the right to sexual prevention measures such as birth control pills, condoms, IUDs, etc.

    • Sex Education in schools will need to include prevention measures, STDs, and other such topics - NOT just abstinence.

    • This is part of healthcare and should be considered as such.

    • If you don’t want to have an abortion, then don’t have one.

  • Educational Reforms. I fully support educational reforms that promote higher learning at a younger age. The structure of the basic K-12 system needs to be altered for more efficient learning. The promotion of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) is the main focus of education. Students need to be encouraged to want to better themselves.

    • Students should walk away from high school with: a career trade skill, precalculus/calculus level math, some university core classes passed, better understanding of their personal health, and an idea of what they want for their future

  • Economy. The economy needs to be overhauled to benefit everyone, not just the wealthy.

    • Universal Basic Income. For Americans who are able and registered to vote, they will be provided with a universal basic income of $1000/month regardless of income bracket. This won’t cover all monthly expenses, but it should help alleviate them while people continue to work. This is not meant to reduce employment, but to assist with expenses.

    • Good Health Initiative Tax Rebate. The biggest obstacle we face is obesity. By reducing obesity the people should become overall healthier, though it doesn’t fix all problems. The GHI Tax Rebate is proposed to encourage people to reach a healthy weight and body fat ratio in exchange for an optional tax rebate they can apply for.

    • 5% Income Tax. At tax time, it’s proposed to have a solid 5% tax on all reported income (including UBI), regardless of income bracket. These amounts may be adjusted based on variables such as Good Health Initiative Tax Rebate, education, family/dependents, etc.

      • Looking for better ideas.

  • Billionaires Income Tax -

  • Carbon Emissions Tax - The government sets a price that emitters must pay for each ton of greenhouse gas emissions they emit.

  • Nonrenewable Resource Tax - The government sets an inescapable corporate tax on nonrenewable resources which are oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy.

  • Agricultural Incentives - We need to support the country’s agricultural industry, including vertical farmers, lab-grown meat, and other new ag-tech. There will be a 5-year support program to educate and provide financial support for agricultural robotics for farmers.

  • Support Some Military Funding

  • Support Space Exploration Funding

  • FDA restrictions on US-produced foods to include: Reduction of allowed chemical contaminants in food production, ban KBrO3 and azodicarbonamide, reduce allowed additives and colorings in foods, ban on refined vegetable and seed oils, BPA ban, ban trans fats, tax on “added sugars” which results in health issues (high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, malt syrup, cane juice, palm sugar, beet sugar).

  • Permit for Certain Guns. We support the right to own guns, but we also believe that before anyone can legally own and purchase a semi-automatic or fully automatic gun, they should have to go through a background check and training program with at least 60 hours of range firing time. Unless additional training is acquired, we find it unnecessary for the common person to own high-powered weapons. Manual, lever action, and pump action guns can be acquired with a simple background check. It’s understood that illegal gun ownership and purchases will still happen.

    • You have the right to own guns. We just want everyone to be safe and knowledgeable regarding higher-powered weapons.

    • Nationwide Gun Owner Database - This should be created and available for use by all states. It’s a simple nationwide database to be used with background checks.

  • Alternative Energy. Research into the use of thorium, wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, and other forms of alternative energy need to be funded. The goal should be to reduce the reliance on oil and gas by 2030.

  • Environmental Regulations. We need to uphold strict environmental regulations to prevent incidents like the Flint Water Crisis and the extinction of local flora and fauna. In an effort to protect the planet in which we live, we must find ways to reduce carbon emissions, remove plastic waste from the ocean, deal with landfills, and to make recycling a daily effort rather than an afterthought.

  • Space Exploration. Space exploration needs to be well funded, as we see it as the next step for humanity. This isn’t simply shooting rockets to the moon or Mars. We need to have plans for encountering extraterrestrials, colonizing Mars, establishing a moon base, regulations for space mining, etc.

    • Moon Base Plan. The US needs to work with other space agencies to build a moon base to further study of space. This moon base will include: quarters, science labs, an observatory, atmosphere generator (air and water), solar power grid, gym, med bay, lounge, kitchen, and supply storage. This will be a neutral base that all space agencies are able to use.

    • Space funding

    • DART funding

  • Public Transportation. The use of high speed trains and airplanes need to be put into use across the country. A push towards electric, hybrid, and thorium powered vehicles is vital to reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources. EVTOLs need to be considered as a new form of transportation. I am not opposed to funding teleportation research, but currently it is not a feasible mode of transport. We are also in support of stricter regulations on receiving driver’s licenses in order to help prevent vehicular accidents.

  • International Relations. I support efforts such as NATO and WHO, but would like to see more association with the Bureau International des Expositions and other international organizations that make an effort to better mankind.

    • Hosting expositions like the World’s Fair or a new form of international STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) exposition should be done every 3-5 years to encourage new work, a mingling of cultures, and inspiration for future work.

    • Building a stronger partnership with Interpol

    • Develop a group to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and invite other nations to help

    • See Moon Base Plan

  • Healthcare. I believe that each person needs to strive to create a balance between mental care, physical care, medical care, and spiritual care. Too much of one or not enough of one is enough to throw the body off balance. I am looking for a national push for physically fit people who take time for spiritual and mental care, while having available and affordable medical care.

    • Price capping for pharmaceuticals.

    • Price capping for standard medical procedures nationwide.

    • Increased restrictions on opioids.

    • Use of western and eastern medicine.

    • Definitive Eugenics. Eugenics is understandably not a term that most people like to hear, but with extremely defined parameters, Ultramods see it as a more economically viable option in certain cases. These severe and rare birth defects lead to a drain on the economy and are a burden on society. Only in these cases would we propose the use of mandatory eugenics: anencephaly, encephalocele, severe and profound levels of intellectual disability, severe spina bifida, and congenital muscular dystrophy. We objectively question the quality of life, the economic strain, and the lack of societal benefit.

      • Going to get some hate for this one. I know it.

  • Automation. We support automation of industries where automation makes work more efficient. While there would be some job loss due to workers being replaced by robots, there would still be positions available for robotic maintenance, production supervision, programming, etc. Automation of industry is not suitable for all industries. We are sure that with other stuff going on, other possible jobs would be available.

  • Term Limits - Term limits of 12 years need to be set in place for Supreme Court Judges (two six-year terms), Senate (two six-year terms), and House of Representatives (four three-year terms). After 12 years (max), they need to be unable to run for that office for 4 years so they can reconnect to the people.

  • Smart Building Incentive - New construction needs to be incentivized to start “normal construction” by including smart-features. These can include a smart home hub, the increase of smart appliances, radiant floor heating, alternative energy, incorporating home vertical grow systems, and smart security systems. We want to aggressively push for smart building and architecture for the future.

  • Sustainability - America needs to have sustainability in its sights. Sustainability includes recycling, reusing materials, reducing our carbon footprint, litter patrol, renewable energy, reduce deforestation, reduce pollution, etc.

Would you vote for me? What do you think of my political views?

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