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Occult Eye: Understanding Spirits and Unseen Entities

Author Note: Before we dive into things, I just want to note that this article is just skimming the top of the surface of this topic. These are just some very basic concepts and information for any new occultist. If you plan on doing any work with these entities, please make sure you have proper protection in place. If you have any dire questions, please contact me and I’ll get them answered.


There is a realm in which we cannot see, usually, but can often monitor and call upon; this is the realm of spirits and unseen entities. Most people tend to that and immediately land on the word “ghost”. A ghost is certainly one of the inhabitants of this other realm, but not the only type. These spirits and entities are often called upon in ritual work, research, and in application of methods.

The realm that is unseen tends to be energy based, thus these beings are energy-based entities. They affect the electromagnetic field, they make sounds, they can produce visuals, and they can move things around on our realm. Some are more powerful than others. Just because we cannot always see them does not mean they aren’t there.

Some of The Entities

  • Ghosts - A typical ghost is a free-roaming form that either repeats their past actions or communicates with the living. They tend to be disruptive at various levels. A ghost cat will be disruptive differently than a ghost of a widow who is seen looking out a window at dusk or the ghost of grandma who appears to be checking on her living family. Ghosts will commonly appear as a partial form, full form, wispy vapor, or orb.

  • Haunting - A haunting is strictly associated with a person, place, or thing. Hauntings tend to revolve around deeply emotional ghosts. Before death they might have been murdered or wrought with guilt or were abused. These spirits latch onto something and they can become problems. They can be very particular and if they want your attention they will attempt to get it. Some spirits that haunt can be so realistic that people mistake them for the living.

  • Poltergeist - Poltergeist literally means “noisy ghost”. Poltergeists can be called upon or already exist in a space. These are spirits that, like a haunting, can be associated with a person, place, or thing. The big difference is that poltergeist activity can get bad fast. There will be noises, items moved around, physical actions like slapping or scratches, lights turning on/off by themselves, etc. Poltergeists can truly be frightening.

  • Shadow People - These are free-roaming “living shadows” typically in the form of a person. Popular forms are “hat man”, “head and shoulders”, and “cloak man”. These entities literally look like shadows, but they don’t always stay against the wall. They might walk down your hallway or roam the woods or stand in the middle of your bedroom. They give off negative vibes and are known for being aggressive. Sometimes they take the form of animals. Shadow people are still not well understood.

  • Angels - Angels are large, luminous beings that are actually quite fierce. Sometimes they are said to take on a human or animal appearance when appearing to humans. While they tend to be protectors, let’s not forget that angels are dispatched (by God, according to various bibles) to kill and/or destroy what is deemed “wicked”. There are also Fallen Angels who aim to defy the other angels and seem to be jealous of humans.

  • Demons - Demons are different than Fallen Angels. Demons are evil entities that can be tied to a location or object or can be called upon. Demons have the ability to possess a human with no or low personal protections in place. Demons were never human, unlike ghosts or poltergeists or hauntings. They are not as powerful as angels or fallen angels.

  • Daimons/Daemons - Daemons are essentially like a guiding spirit. In ancient art they are depicted as flying skulls. Daemons are pretty neutral and, if you can manage to call upon one, they can help you gain great knowledge. Several Greek philosophers claimed to have ties with daemons such as Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, and Proclus.

  • Djinn - These spirits can be good or bad. Sometimes they’re considered to be a sub-category of angel, but this is debated among scholars. Djinn are fast, strong, can eat and drink, can reproduce with humans, and were created from “smokeless fire”.

  • Light Beings - Light Beings are often encountered by people in meditative states and can be called upon for assistance by requesting a spirit guide. These beings are normally very large and luminous, but will take the appearance of whatever is calming to the human. It could be a beautiful person, it could be a familiar animal, or it could be an old boot. Light beings are simply aetherial guides.

  • Reapers - Reapers are entities that help souls cross over to whatever the afterlife is. Some reapers have appeared in photographs, but this is not common. Typically reapers are accompanied by the smell of flowers and wet dirt - the smell of a fresh grave. Their visual appearance, if you do happen to see one, is a skeleton or a skeleton with black cloak; the typical grim reaper. Not much is known about reapers, aside from what they do.

From this list, you can see that most of the unseen entities were never human to begin with. Not all of the unseen entities are bad. We just don’t always perceive them when they are around; when we do, it may be out of the corner of our eye or as a “weird feeling” or through some sort of wave (lightwave for visuals or soundwave for audio).

Do not call upon any of these entities unless you are absolutely sure about what you’re doing. Each type of entity will want something in return. Each entity can really muck up your life. The further on you get in studying the occult, the more you will notice these entities mentioned. The unseen entities can enter our world through natural vortexes (or portals), very positive or very negative energy spots, mirrors, being summoned or allowed/invited in a space, and special connections with our world (like a body or house).

If you are studying to become an occultist, you should really spend time learning about each of these unseen entities. Always ask yourself: What do these things do? How do they act? What are the extreme cases? How are they stopped? You may want to read historical accounts, mythology/folklore, texts specifically on individual entities, watch documentaries, etc.

Some consider part of this to be basic ghost investigation. If you would like to read more into ghost investigations, you can check out my two books: The Professional Ghost Investigator and The Manual of Tools. The Professional Ghost Investigator will give you the basics of investigating various ghost, haunting, and poltergeist type of cases. It also goes into how to deal with various spirits, possession cases, psychics, and organizing an investigation. The Manual of Tools goes over the basic tools of a ghost investigator, how to use them, why they are used, and how to record your data.


Occult Eye is a regular article that focuses on the occult and becoming an occultist. Jessie has been a practicing occultist for more than 25 years. Any questions or comments can be sent to the author, Jessie. #Occult #OccultEye

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