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Occult Eye - Protections


Occult Eye - Protections

Protection is the name of the game for February. Before you start a journey of any kind, you should really have some sort of protection for yourself. With occult studies you absolutely need to know some basic protections. These are designed to protect you and your private space (like your home). In my home, I have some protections placed around my living room, but I really have protections in the one place where I do not want to be bothered - my bedroom. The last thing I want when I’m trying to sleep is otherworldly entities bothering me. Has it happened? So. Many. Times. I can honestly tell you that these protections work because I currently use them.


Salt is a basic go-to for protection. I have containers of salt all over the place, in case I need to lay some out. I have a salt lamp in my living room. If I feel like there is an issue with a particular space, I will make a salt wash. A salt wash is typically 4 cups hot water mixed with 2 cups salt. Mix it together until the salt dissolves. Wash the area with a sponge or rag, using the salt solution. Let it dry. It’s going to get grainy, so do not use a salt wash on fabric or carpet. Once you feel the area is clear, clean up your salt mess and clean as you normally would.

Unlike various types of salt in witchcraft, you can just use whatever salt you want. I prefer raw salt like Himalayan or sea salt or something natural instead of the processed iodized salt. You can sit inside a circle of salt if you need immediate spiritual protection or an added layer of protection inside a magic circle. Salt lamps give off negative ions that help clear the air of impurities and negative energy. It also adds a delightful glow.

Voodoo Protections

All magical practices have their protections, but I like to turn to voodoo for strong protections. It doesn’t take much digging to learn about strong voodoo protections. My favorites are: old iron railroad spikes, alligator teeth/skulls/feet/tails, and of course a mojo bag. You can keep an old iron railroad spike on a shelf or you can drive it into the ground directly next to your house. In other ways of magic, you might hear about iron nails or iron horseshoes being used as home protection. Alligator parts are said to protect the owner with the ferocity of the alligator. I use an alligator tail tip for protection in my bedroom. It works surprisingly well.

Mojo bags are a long-time traditional practice of voodoo. It’s basically a sachet or pouch filled with various things geared towards a certain outcome. My mojo bag is made up of hyssop, mullein, wormwood, bay leaf, and dressed with protection oil (from Lucky Mojo).

Blessed & Holy Items

As an occultist, I respect a wide range of religions and practices. I find protection and strength in old items, blessed, and “holy” items. I have my grandmother’s catholic cross on a wall. I have a collection of rosaries (some were my great grandmother’s, some were bought for the blessing attached) that I keep in my bedroom. I have a few Jewish items. These items can work for protection, if you believe they carry protective power.

Rock On!

I’ve always been a big fan of rocks and crystals. For protection, I like selenite. Over the 2019 summer, I revamped my bedroom. The new coat of paint contained a powdered stick of selenite so my bedroom would have a protective barrier. I also purchased a selenite tower that lives in my bedroom. Selenite is a very soft crystal, but provides protection, spiritual cleansing, and boosts positive energy. I also have a piece of pyrite (to dispel fear and negativity), labradorite (awareness and negativity shield), and bumblebee jasper (for power, protection, and balance). I do have other stones, but these are good for strong protection. You can always amp up the power by adding some quartz.


Plants naturally help recycle and process energy. I have thirteen plants in my living room/kitchen area, only three of them are herbs. Plants naturally provide a positive energy field and can help to increase the positive vibes of your space.


I don’t want to get too much into sigils, but I do have a few around for protection. A sigil is a compound symbol used for protection against darker entities, usually. The go-to text in regards to sigils is The Lesser Key of Solomon, which talks about the seals of Solomon. The seals of Solomon is steeped in biblical lore, more in Jewish kabbalah than anything. I tend to prefer ancient sigils that are still used to this day. Some people like to create their own. I’d rather use something that is known to work - personal preference. If you have a preferred sigil or symbol of protection, you can easily put it on the wall before you paint or on the floor before you lay down new flooring. You can display it for the world to see. You can tattoo it. You can wear it on your clothing.

Readers: What do you like to use for protection? Do you have a special go-to that you use?


Occult Eye is a regular article that focuses on the occult and becoming an occultist. Jessie has been a practicing occultist for more than 25 years. Any questions or comments can be sent to the author, Jessie. #Occult #OccultEye

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