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Occult Eye - Energy Work


Occult Eye - Energy Work

Energy work is a very broad subject. Energy work is generally defined as “manipulation of the human energy field”. When you start out in occult practices, your focus is going to be on learning to meditate, white light protection, forming energy balls, the basics of astral projection, and increasing your awareness through your own energy.

Every person has their own energy field. Some folks simply refer to this as the “human aura”. It is completely measurable by scientific means. It can even be photographed with a special auric camera that requires a non-harmful electric charge to be sent through the subject - in the same way a body fat monitor sends a current through a person. The aura resonates at whatever energy we are currently producing and, YES, some people can clearly see auras. This energy can be manipulated, if we allow it to be or if we are unaware of how to protect ourselves. By learning about basic aura protection (or white light protection) and the basics of meditation, you can start the journey of energy work. Once you got these two understood, you can continue on to the other basics.


Meditation can be done in a number of ways. You will probably go through a trial and error period until you figure out what works best for you. Think about what relaxes you the most: quiet, ambient noise (like a thunderstorm or nature sounds), a certain smell, a candle, total darkness, dimly lit room, sitting in a meditative pose, lying on your back, a certain yoga pose, etc. After trying a variety of methods, I have found that (for me) lying on my back with ambient music, eyes covered, and my hands touching nothing works best for me.

Meditation is the practice of calming the mind and focus. There are different types of mediation out there. Some advocate for complete stillness, while others focus on a mantra or specific thought/question, and still others might focus on scanning the body or letting things go. I just suggest keeping it simple if you are just starting out. Have your goal be calming your mind of your day-to-day thoughts and let your mind wander. Set a timer for 20 minutes. Get into your meditative position. Begin. You have 20 minutes to figure it out.

Meditation can change your brain waves. Normal brain waves when we are awake are beta waves. Delta waves are the slowest and occur in deep meditation and dreamless sleep. Theta waves occur in a relaxed and dreaming state. Alpha waves occur when the brain is at rest, but it’s more of a deep-thought state. Gamma waves are the fastest and are associated with higher consciousness. If you want to get technical with your meditation, you can look into neurofeedback devices to track your own brain waves.

It’s suggested that you practice meditating 5-7 times a week. It’s the basis of learning to focus, do trancework like astral projection, and will help you build a stronger auric shield. At first, it might take you a while to get into the trance state that you want to be in, but after a while you will be able to get to that state in a flash. You will also develop the skills needed to throw up a protective shield quickly.

There are a lot of books published on various meditation techniques. I personally got my start with Mother Wit by Diane Mariechild. There are a lot of guided meditations in the book. It also covers the next section - white light protection.

White Light Protection

White light protection is a strengthening of your aura to create a protective bubble around yourself. White light is considered to be the strongest of shield colors, but gold is also used as a very strong protective light color. This protection can be done anywhere and any time. If you are just learning this, give it a try when you first get in bed. Simply relax and imagine a force field around your body in whatever shape is natural for you. Focus on that force field. Tell yourself that you are protected and nothing may cross your barrier unless you allow it. Visualize the force field as a brilliant white light. When you are satisfied that it is as strong as you need it to be, you can open your eyes or fall asleep or continue on your day.

The white light protection field can sound very hokey to people who don’t understand what you’re doing. The reason why we practice this is to prevent unwanted spiritual attachment, to increase our own awareness, to increase our own protection, to create a better presence of self, and to ready ourselves for spiritual connections. Strong practitioners of the white light method can clear a room of negative energy, or at least keep it at bay, by expanding their protection field to the size of the room. It takes practice and time to be able to do that without wiping yourself out and attracting unwanted spiritual attention. Please take your time with this. I suggest practicing your basic shield every night and any time you do not feel safe.

Energy Balls

Once you can set up your white light protection shield without difficulty, move on to energy balls. This is fun because you can end up doing it with a friend. The goal is to form invisible balls of energy between your hands. You can expand them or reduce their size. If you have a friend, and you are both able to form your own energy balls, you can toss an energy ball between the two of you...and feel it. This is an exercise to help you direct your own energy.

To start, cup your hands together as if you just caught a butterfly. Focus on the space between your hands. You may feel the urge to move your hands in a slight circular motion, as if you were rolling a ball between your hands; it’s totally okay to do this. You should soon feel a ball of energy forming. If not, try expanding your hands slightly and moving them apart by an inch. Sometimes this act of “growing” the energy ball can help focus your energy. Once you have your energy ball, try to make it the size of a large grapefruit and try to make it firm. Now, release it and allow your aura to reabsorb it. Practice this a few times until you’re comfortable with it.

Grab a friend who can produce energy balls, or teach them how. Have them sit about 6 feet away from you. Form an energy ball and grow it to the size of a melon or beach ball. Make it firm, then toss it to your friend. Your friend should be ready for it. When they catch it, they can infuse their energy to keep it firm. Be ready when they toss it back to you. Keep tossing it back and forth. When you’re done, just toss it away from you. It will reabsorb into the earth or your aura will reabsorb it.

You might find that when you are waiting or are in a meeting or a class, you will start to make little energy balls. It’s a safe, easy practice of focused energy.

If you are interested in learning more about this, you can research chi or qi, practice tai chi, practice qigong, or reiki. There are accounts of people use their chi to do some incredible things - check youtube for videos.

Astral Projection

I really got interested in astral projection after reading Anne Rice’s Tale of The Body Thief. I learned how to astral project by reading Leaving The Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection by D. Scott Rogo.

Astral projection is the practice of leaving your body on a spiritual level, while still tethered to it, and traveling on the astral plane. It’s not dreaming. It’s very different. You can meet other people and other beings on the astral plane. You can go to various places, some are only on the astral plane. Once you’re done, you go back to your body.

In D. Scott Rogo’s book, he mentions a variety of techniques you can use to attain astral projection including relaxation techniques, dietary control methods, mantras/breathing/yoga, and visualization. I recommend picking up a copy of the book or getting a copy on your e-reader because he explains it more in-depth than I’m about to.

Since we’re all different, I can’t tell you what is going to work for you. What I can do is tell you about my own process for astral projection. I start by setting myself up for a meditation session, which involves laying down with a blindfold on, ambient music playing, and my hands raised so nothing is touching them. I begin by throwing up a white light protection shield and relaxing my mind - just as I would for meditation. Once I push aside the “brain noise” of my thoughts and reach that calm mental state, I think of my astral body (kind of like the aura, but more like an energy copy of yourself) and try to push it upwards a little. It’s an odd feeling because you feel disconnected. As I found out, I am a tactile visualizer. I literally reach my astral body through the void/ether/darkness until I feel something. As soon as I feel something on the astral plane, I can get there. To get back, I simply tell myself to wake up.

Time passes differently on the astral plane. I’ve had sessions last 10 minutes which, on the astral plane, seemed to last for hours. I’ve also had sessions last an hour and astrally they just seemed to take minutes.

You will meet people and beings on the astral plane. Just be careful. Trust your gut. If you need to get out of there, wake up.

Take your time with the astral plane. It took me a few sessions to really get anywhere. At first it took an effort to get there. After a month or so, I was able to astral project from just about anywhere very quickly.

Increasing Awareness

Increasing your awareness is a mindful stretching of your own energy to detect people and things around you. Starting out, it’s a practice of a waking meditation for focus and, similar to the energy balls, you want to embrace your field of energy so it’s almost firm. Reach out and see what you can feel and perceive. You can try this with plants and desk objects until you start to get it. You’re not physically feeling the plants or the desk objects; you are sensing their presence before you come into physical contact with them.

Once you get this down you will start to notice more things around you. If you were clumsy before, you might find that you are not so clumsy. You might find that you don’t always have to look to accurately grab that pencil or snack from the platter. Before you move on to the next step, make sure you can switch off this increased awareness if you need to.

The next step of increasing your awareness is expanding it out to animals and people. When you start to do this, you might find that you start to quickly get a reading of people. You might get flashes of something the person has done or where they live or just a personality reading. You might just become more aware of people in your space, like if someone is standing behind you. This can become very overwhelming, so definitely practice “switching off”.

Alrighty. That was the quick basics of energy work 101 from an occultist standpoint. It can take a while to really grasp everything. These five points of energy work basics might seem simple, but each one can be a life focus. Be able to do it and understand what is going on. Understand that you need to be careful with energy work.

Further Reading:

  • Hands of Light by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan

  • The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale

  • Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith

  • Inner Engineering by Sadhguru

  • The Art & Practice of Astral Projection by Ophiel

  • Remote Viewing by Dr. David Morehouse


Occult Eye is a regular article that focuses on the occult and becoming an occultist. Jessie has been a practicing occultist for more than 25 years. Any questions or comments can be sent to the author, Jessie. #Occult #OccultEye

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