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New Book & More

Hey everyone! I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been pretty busy with stuff.

Went to my regular natural medicine doctor to get some bloodwork done and to run a Dutch test (checks hormones through urine). Bloodwork came back spectacular. I was told that I appear to be in top athletic condition and was even praised for my low blood sugar levels. Even my vitamin D levels were good, which is often a lacking vitamin here in Alaska, but I tan often. Dutch test came back and my hormones are off. OH! So THAT'S why I'm having trouble burning the fat!

I have a few things I'm taking for that now. I'm hoping that it just works and I lose a little size. It's absolutely a mind-bending nightmare to regularly exercise and eat healthy when you see zero results. I shouldn't say zero. I have musculature, but it's under the fat. You can see it...kind of.


At the beginning of January, I published an expanded version of my manifesto The Ultramodern Futurist Manifesto. You can purchase it as an ebook or paperback on Amazon.

It's based in forward-thinking progress. Cut the bullshit, focus on what's important.

Buy it, don't buy it...whatever. It's how I aim to live and how I think other people might want to aim to live as well. It's logical, centrist, and yet also creative.


Boreal Bigfoot Expo. Is it happening again? I don't know. I haven't heard from anyone and I told the committee I wasn't planning on being in charge this year. I actually have a lot going on, so I could help out. I just don't think I have the time to lead the committee right now.


Upcoming book.

I have been working hard on a new book called Saucers of The North. Its about the history of UFOs in Alaska airspace. I just passed the halfway mark over the weekend. I still have a ton of government documents and science journals to go through. I have even found some photos and stories that most people have forgotten about.

If you are interested in contributing a story or photo or something to this book, email me with some basic details. I can keep you anonymous if you request it.

I am interested in interviewing people with:

  • Information on UFO activity or programs (within Alaska) through the University of Alaska or the military

  • Abductees

  • People with UFO sightings or encounters

  • FAA authorities regarding UFOs

  • Sky trumpet sounds

  • Alaskan pyramid

The majority of my work is based on government documents, academic journals, newspaper articles, documents from respected UFO groups, and Alaskan historical sources.

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