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I, Jessie

About to head to the gym Aug. 4, 2020

A recent post has picked up a lot of attention, at least more than I'm used to having on this blog. I kind of want to introduce myself (I'm Jessie), for those unwilling to venture backwards in the blog.

By the end of the year I'll be 38. I graduated high school in 2000. I have a degree in 2D Animation and another degree in History. I currently work as an office manager and accountant for a mechanical contractor in Fairbanks, Alaska.

I grew up goth and kind of took a little break between 2010-2017 or so. I still kept things spooky, but I started exploring the rockabilly scene. It also didn't help that I found myself suddenly allergic to hair dye in 2005. My black hair! I was stuck at my natural mouse brown and wasn't thrilled about it. Luckily, Overtone is gentle enough that I have been able to get back to my regularly scheduled black.

Me, 2009

You're probably thinking: "Your picture there doesn't look very goth." You're right. I took that right before pulling my hair up and going to the gym. No one wears makeup at the gym. I'm actually in the process of getting into bodybuilding competition shape and yes, it's taking forever. My aim is for "figure" -- unless I end up fitting some other category better. I don't think I'm built for "bikini". I'm just a little too short and stout.

Due to my bodybuilding goals, I am trying to embrace the new Health Goth thing a little. It seems a little like uncharted territory since I don't know anyone else doing any Health Goth stuff.

Me, 2009. I need new pics of myself!

I'm a pretty simple person. I work, I hit the gym, and I go home. I've been placating myself with projects. Fairbanks no longer has a place to go for any alternative subculture expression. It seems like sometime in that 2010-2017 time frame things became a little gentrified.

I am currently trying to find some sense of community. I'm not a bar person because I have pretty much stopped drinking alcohol. Fairbanks has a country/western club -- gross, NO THANKS. My current goal is to start up a goth night somewhere in Fairbanks. If it has a good turn out, maybe I can get Cliff & Ivy to venture up here for a performance (they're down in Anchorage). Jump starting the goth scene (around here) is going to be one hell of a project. I'll just be happy if I can get a regular goth night scheduled, once or twice a month.

Lately I've been stuck on ideas of "community" and how its changed.

I highly suggest watching Angela Benedict on youtube and checking out the podcast Cemetery Confessions.

Like Minded?

If you're also in search of gothic community, you can join me over at The Mausoleum (a forum) or, if you're in Alaska, check out Alaska Goths (facebook group).

Why is The Mausoleum not on facebook? Simple. I'm tired of people being overly passive. You can still be passive on the forum, but it is a little more engaging overall. Conversations are a big plus. Do you have questions? Are you looking for goth remodeling ideas? Want to talk music or fashion? Goth literature or share your work? We can do that over at The Mausoleum! Also, it's more organized than anything on facebook - which totally jives with me. As always with forums, simply start by introducing yourself and go from there.

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