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(I Don't Want) Time Off

I just had an unexpected and unwanted week off from the gym. I figured it would make a good post because it happens to everyone at some point. This last week my sister and her husband were in Hawaii for a work convention, so I looked after my nephew, a great Dane, and a French mastiff. Alongside this, I now have a new bloodhound puppy. It's been kind of crazy. My chocolate lab kind of avoided everyone because he has a knee injury. I kind of wished I could have avoided everyone too.

What do you do when your schedule becomes chaotic?

I start by asking myself why I can't get to the gym. Perhaps the answer is that I actually CAN, but I have to cut down on my time. Perhaps I really am having trouble. If you can't make it to the gym there are things you can do.

Why did I miss the gym? My sleep was almost non-existant the first few nights. Turns out the great Dane had allergic reaction/rash thing going on. After that...try sleeping with a 120 lbs dane, 110 lbs mastiff, and a little 40 lbs puppy. Chaos and farts...all night long. I was totally wiped out during the day and my neck/upper shoulders were super tight. Actually, I know that a little cardio would kind of suck, but would have helped me out with that.


Things I did while I wasn't at the gym. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to get down on yourself about not being at the gym. You have to let it go. Instead, use the time away from the gym for yourself. Eat right (unless you have to try the carb-loaded food your nephew makes) and perhaps cut back on the amount of food. Since you're not at the gym, drink some extra water. I got up to the 130-140 oz range for my water intake. Get some body work done, like a massage or energy work (I had some energy work done) or even just a pedicure or a haircut. Do something for you. Try to enjoy yourself during this break. I ended up watching 'Doctor Sleep', which I thought was really good; 'The Shining' is one of my favorite films. I made my nephew watch a few movies with me like 'Mortal Kombat' and 'Ghost Rider'.


Bad things I did while I wasn't at the gym. It was a solid week of -35F, so I really didn't go outside. Instead I gazed longingly at photos my sister and my friends from the lower 48 posted on facebook. Friday night, I ate pizza. I love pizza, but I cannot handle the carbohydrates of regular pizza. I probably should have picked up a caulipower pizza for my splurge, but I didn't. I also had to try some of the various carby food that my mom and nephew made. One of my biggest issues is boredom. I get bored easily and I just couldn't get into a project. Every time I started to do something either a dog or my nephew needed me for something.

How do you deal with unexpected/unwanted time away from the gym? Leave me a comment below or over in the facebook group (link).

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