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I have some stuff coming up. I want to tell you about Horror Movie Thursday, some projects I'm working on, and Halloween stuff.

Horror Movie Thursday is a weekly event that you can participate in at your convenience. It's just something I've been doing in the summers and I have decided to extend it throughout the rest of the year for 2021. Facebook Link

How it works: Each week has it's own theme released on Friday (for the following Thursday). Find a film that fits the theme, watch it, let me know what you're watching, and post your opinion on the film.

I've been thinking about posting a video each week. I think I'm the only one that really does this, so I don't know if anyone gives two shits. I might do it just to do it. Tonight's theme is "Zombies".


I have some projects that I'm working on. I'll be posting about those as I finish them. I'm making some pants. I'm putting together an expo for Sept. 4th, so I might post something about that. I like making stuff. I'm always up for suggestions or if you need suggestions for something, I can do that too.

I was looking at this house that's for sale. Between vehicle payments and other bills, I just can't afford to get a house right now. BUT, what I like to do is look through and figure out what I would do, how much it would roughly cost, and stuff like that. I think I could fix up this house for like $32000-35000 - includes residing the fucking thing. I like to think I'm pretty good at shit like this. If you need some suggestions for fixing up your own place, I might be able to help you out.

I am trying to get a poetry slam happening in Fairbanks again. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm not really into make-up (no make up vids from me), but I am planning on trying out Overtone's Purple for Brown Hair. I'll probably do something for that.

If you want to see a specific project, leave me a comment with details.


I talk a lot about Fairbanks, AK since that is where I live. Guess what? This year I want to really focus on Halloween. I LOVE Halloween! I always want to do stuff for Halloween, but typically end up watching some scary movies and being in bed by like 9pm. Typical options tend to focus around the question "what bar do I want to go to?" I don't go out to bars anymore, so the answer is always "none" and I stay home.

What's going on? Where are the decorations and costumes at in Fairbanks?

July is the month when places start to put out early fall and sometimes early Halloween stuff. It's currently 7/15/2021 and here's what I have noticed so far.

  • Fred Meyer - The start of early fall home decor and candles. We still have to get through the back to school stuff, then we'll start seeing more.

  • Joann Fabrics - Halloween fabric, a few early fall items, early fall floral/wreaths

  • Michaels - Early fall floral/wreaths area

It's still a little early for other places around town. I'm not totally sure when Spirit Halloween

Halloween Events. I am trying to make a big effort to get out and do things this year. I do not have kids, so I really don't care about little kid stuff going on. So what sort of things do we have to look forward to?

  • Pumpkin patch & corn maze at Arctic Harvest Distillery. Usually they have this set up in September or something.

  • Escape Room AK. This is a year-round thing and I've never been to it. I can't usually find anyone to go with me, but this year I'll fucking force someone or pay their way or something. Solving a mystery seems kind of spooky/closely related to me. Right now they have two going on: Arctic Asylum and Operation Blackout.

  • First Friday, September and October. First Friday is a local art walk that happens on each First Friday, starting around 5pm.

This is all I can think of at the moment. If there are other fall and Halloween events going on (around Fairbanks) that you know of, let me know. I'll try to get a big list compiled for October.

Question: Do you have a favorite Halloween theme(s)?

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