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Healthy Holiday Foods

I have a food list for you! These are all foods that I would be willing to eat during the holidays. I get super picky because a lot of these "healthy" recipes contain stuff that just doesn't jive with what I can eat.

What you'll find - I'm not going to cover how to cook a turkey or a ham or something. I'm covering appetizers and party food. I feel like this is the area of the meal that tends to take a turn. I snack at parties because I have a little social anxiety. I have totally been to holiday parties where I'm like "wow, I can't have anything except for the deviled eggs".

Savory Foods

Sweet Foods

DIPS - If you make a dip like the Baba Ganoush or something, I recommend having some cucumber slices, celery sticks, carrot sticks (if you can have carrots), bell pepper pieces, and zucchini sticks.

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