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Health Goth: Support & Inspiration

With the Stern Skull, I'm hoping to provide information, reviews, and support for anyone in the midst, or just beginning, of obtaining their fitness goals. I just wanted to take a minute to share that YES, there is a facebook group, the Stern Skull facebook group; still in a budding state.

Honestly, it feels like I'm alone on my fitness journey most of the time. I don't often talk to people at the gym because I'm focused on my own thing. I'm also at the age where my friends all seem to be married and have kids. I just have two dogs and am not looking at dating anyone anytime soon. I also don't really hang out with people often; and when I do, it's not with gym fanatics. I find that I need to find some fitness support, thus this blog and facebook group.

If you need a little support to help you stay motivated, to find some new things to try, just to talk about what you're doing, recipe sharing, etc...please check out the group.

Let's talk about MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION. What keeps you going back to the gym? What has inspired you over the years? How do you stay motivated and inspired?

I want to hear your answers, so comment below or comment in the facebook group.

My current goal is to get into bodybuilding competition shape and that goal keeps me going to the gym. It definitely helps that I'm seeing more muscular definition and have dropped 25 lbs since Labor Day 2019. I also change up my workout just enough to keep it interesting. I have found that if I start to feel bored/not challenged, then I start to avoid the gym and eat crappy foods. I also spend a few days, every couple of months, to add a new gym playlist. BTW, I have another playlist coming up for you, my readers.

When it comes to what has inspired me, long term, I would have to say there are 5 big early influences in my life.

1. Linda Hamilton in 'Terminator 2'. That scene where she's in the looney bin doing chin ups on her over-turned bed. As a kid, I found that to be pretty badass. It has constantly inspired me.


2. Rocky Balboa. I'm a big Stallone fan and if I need to watch a film to inspire me, I turn to 'Rocky'. I know some people are like "what about Arnold?" Arnold is inspiring too, but I think it's the underdog story of Rocky that really gets me going.

3. 90's X-Men Comics. I was big into X-Men comics in the 90s. Women were drawn with muscles and hourglass figures. That's what I aim for. I really should say 90s comics in general, but in the 90s my two favorites were X-Men and Batman. I know that in the 2000s the look started to change so the characters had more of an "obtainable figure" or "less idealized" or something. Figures became straighter, boobs and hips became smaller, and the women just started looking...plain. I guess I just liked the curvier and stronger women better. With all this being said, I also love Wolverine - especially how he was drawn by Andy Kubert and Jim Lee. A lot of reference material for 90s superheroes came from bodybuilders - pictures from competitions and stuff.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Film or television series or comic book - Buffy kicked butt and threw around some cheesy lingo. Teenage me (and still to this day) loved it. While I'd love to say that I'm like Buffy in some way, I feel more like Giles...if he was to hit the gym all the time.


5. Batman. When I need to finish those last few reps or push myself harder with cardio, I always ask myself "What would Batman do?" He would get it done. I've always loved Batman and his incredible drive. It may seem a little silly to some, but what it comes down to is what I think about when I'm at the gym. I think about being like Batman, even though I'm a lady. Not Batgirl, not Catwoman...just Batman.

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