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Health Goth: Astrology-Based Fitness


Astrology-Based Fitness

Fitness Stone: Unakite

Astrology-based fitness is a recent trend designed by pagans. The idea is to workout based on your astrology chart. A google search led me to find numerous fitness trainers who do this in their locations, nothing mentioned for Alaska, and only a few online options. The Body Astrologer and (sister site) MoonRX seem to be the most accessible via online options. If you’re interested in figuring out your own schedule, I have a link to AstroSoftware’s Fitness Report.

Sites To Look Into:

According to articles on astrology and lunar based fitness, some people see it as an LA fitness fad, while folks who are into astrology tend to see it as a new way to utilize astrology charts.

Swiped from Instagram: thebodyastrologer

What Are You Supposed To Do?

For astrology-based fitness, you have to be able to look at each month based on your astrology chart. You can plot your good workout days and days to really avoid working out based on planetary positions, motions occurring (fixed, retrograde, etc), and other factors. You might even want to try different types of workouts that reflect your zodiac sign.

If you check out The Body Astrologer, there is a blog, podcast, and you can even get a private consult. The sister site, MoonRX, has a free online demo class that you can take or you can sign up for various other training. There are packages like Pisces (for surrender, fluid strength, and cosmic flexibility) and Capricorn (for grit, commitment, and endurance). If you are interested in exploring this, check out the FitCraft class (FREE - takes about 50 minutes) for a full rundown on what it’s about and how you can get started.

The LA Fad

Mentioned before was astrology-based fitness as an “LA fitness fad”. With the increase in popularity in witch-culture, thanks to film and television, more people have started to pick up on things here and there. Yes, some group classes in LA (among other places) have started referencing what is where in the sky and how it can affect the workout. They don’t go into a bunch of details and they don’t expect their clients to look into astrology. Maybe their clients push themselves harder because they are told that there’s a Moon trine Mercury in a waxing gibbous phase. It is easy to dismiss the LA Fad, but we can also look at this as people being a little more open minded in regards to astrology and astrology-based fitness.


This month’s stone is Unakite. This stone was chosen for two reasons: it promotes balance and it can help you break bad habits. Unakite can be used for personal growth and patience as well. Break through the third month grind with this stone. Unakite is safe to add to your water bottle. It's known for its green and pink marbled look. Astrologically, unakite ties in with scorpio.


Health Goth is a regular article that focuses on health, fitness, and how it relates to pagans and heathens. Any questions or comments can be sent to the author, Jessie. #FitWitch #PowerliftingViking #HealthGoth

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