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Goth Garden: Heirloom Roses

I spent some time rummaging through Heirloom Roses and found a few that would really make a goth garden pop! I'm going to sort these by color.


  • Celestial Nights

  • Ebb Tide

  • Night Owl Climbing Rose

  • Quicksilver Climbing Rose

  • Sultry Sangria Floribunda Rose

  • Dark Desire Grandiflora Rose

  • Singin' in The Rain Grandiflora Rose

  • Angel Face Floribunda Rose

  • Dark Night Hybrid Tea Rose

  • Twilight Zone Grandiflora Rose


  • Bordeaux Floribunda Rose

  • Lady in Red Climbing Rose

  • Velvet Abundance English Rose

  • Black Ice Shrub Rose

  • Dancing in The Dark Hybrid Tea Rose


  • Koko Loko Floribunda Rose

  • Moonlight Hybrid Musk Rose

  • The Magician Climbing Rose

  • Folklore Hybrid Tea Rose

  • Blue Moon Hybrid Tea Rose

  • Lagerfeld Grandiflora Rose

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