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Goth Food Challenge, Pt. 2 - 7 Days

Since I'm trying to be pretty strict on my eating habits right now, I'm only doing 1 meal a day for the Goth Food Challenge. I'm also going to present foods that fit my restricted paleo diet. #GothFoodChallenge

If you're doing this challenge, I would love to see what you've made. These things can be found on the Stern Skull Instagram. We are also discussing recipes for this food challenge in the facebook group.

Day 1 - Dark Breakfast Bowl

Blackberry Greek yogurt piled with beautifully dark blackberries and sliced cherries.

Day 2 - Purple Cabbage Asian Rolls

Dark red cabbage leaves stuffed with pork sausage, ginger, garlic, Bragg's aminos, riced cauliflower, parsley. Served with a little oyster sauce. I just made up my own recipe for this and it totally rocks! Even the leftovers (ate for lunch the next day) totally rocked.

Day 3 - Italian Eggplant Strati

Sliced eggplant rounds layered in a ramekin with seasoned pork, ricotta, and homemade dark red marinara. Topped with mozzarella cheese, olive tapenade, and a bat - cut from eggplant skin.

Day 4 - Dark Salad

A peppery mix of radicchio, dark purple cabbage, purple brussel sprouts, black radish, and chicken. Decided on a parmesan salad dressing to tone down the peppery flavors from the salad.

Day 5 - Mixed Berry Smoothie Ice Cream

Pureed frozen mixed berries (1 cup) with a little raw honey (1 TBSP) and a little cream (1oz). Not really ice cream, but a healthy alternative.

Day 6 - Chicken and Beets w/Cranberry Sauce

Chicken and roasted beets topped with a homemade cranberry sauce.

Day 7 - Fruit & Veggie Smoothie

After a weird day I could not get my head wrapped around making an actual dinner. Instead I made a fruit and veggie smoothie with berries, pumpkin, beets, hemp protein, collagen powder, a little water, and a splash of almond milk.


If you are planning on doing this food challenge, please let me know. I want to see what people come up with!

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