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Day 6

It's Day 6. This morning I was leg day. I like leg day (but not those Bulgarian Split Squats) and was excited about using the new squat machine. Over the weekend, I picked up a new giant water bottle - it holds 74oz. I didn't realize I was enough of a gym nerd to get excited about this. Whatever! It holds just over half of my daily water intake (my average being around 140oz).

I'm so completely tired! It's around 1pm and I feel like I'm still waiting to fully wake up. It's going to be an effort after work to get in my cardio, but I'll just get it done.

Here's a picture I took yesterday morning. I was super psyched when I flexed and saw my arm development so far.

On leg day my favorite exercise is the basic back squat, closely followed by leg extensions. My least favorite exercise has to be Bulgarian split squats.

What's your favorite and least favorite leg day exercise?

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One kettlebell pressed overhead and then deep reverse lunge with the leg that is opposite of the arm with the weight.... It's like revenge for torturing grasshoppers when I was a kid... Every other leg exercise is my favorite when compared to that........

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