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Crystals & Supplements

I have some upcoming article series starting in January - Health Goth and Occult Eye. These are two things that I am really into. Health Goth is all about fitness, goth aesthetic, pagans/heathens, and remaining healthy. Occult Eye is like a 101 class for those interested in the occult. I've been an occultist for a long time and figured I should share some basics.

Since Christmas was yesterday, I thought I'd share one of the things I got. It's an amethyst-infuser water bottle!

Not sure what brand it is because the box didn't have anything on it. The construction is glass with screw caps at either end. Apparently, if you have a different crystal bottom, you can switch it out. Due to the bottle being made from glass, I am not going to take this to the gym. It also holds only 16oz. In the third photo you can see it next to my usual water bottle. It looks similar in size, but my regular water bottle holds 32oz.

I'm on my second bottle of amethyst water and it's only 6:30am. Nothing tastes different, but we will see if I can detect any affects from the crystal. I'll cover it in a future Health Goth post.

Has anyone tried one of these crystal water bottles before? What do you think of them? Could you tell a difference? Let me know in the comments.


Since I'm really going to push the Health Goth articles here - which I hope everyone likes - I wanted to say: YES, I fully support supplements. You just have to find what works for you and what extras you want to take for additional benefits.

Taken this morning! Yes, I take a bunch of supplements and yes, two types are gummies. I should note that #15 Zyrtec is technically an allergy pill, #8 A-Drenal and #14 DHEA were given to me by my natural medicine doctor to help control adrenal issues, and #10 Burn XT is a thermogenic pill which is fat burning supplement.

Most of the pills on my list you may have heard of. I have a selection of brain enhancing (or to increase my neuroplasticity) pills such as #6 GABA, #16 Choline, and you could probably toss in #4 Cod Fish Oil into this category as well. Some of the strange ones would be #7 Betaine HCL which helps with digestion, #9 Astragalus which helps with cardio health and immunity, and #11 Bioflavinoid which gives you antioxidants to help destroy free radicals.



Okay, so this was probably a little boring. LOL Sorry. I'm just killing some time before I have to get to work. The gym opened late this morning which means I didn't go because I didn't want to deal with a time crunch. I'll go this afternoon.

If there is anything health/fitness/food related that you would like me to mention later on for Health Goth, let me know in the comments. #HealthGoth #PowerliftingViking #FitWitch

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