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Creep It Real Podcast

I have started a podcast called Creep It Real. LINK

The main focus of the podcast is to cover paranormal, mysteries, off-the-beaten-path topics, and fitness. The fitness aspect is actually to help me stay focused. Right now I'm choosing to stick with local/in-state topics -- anything from the 49th state, Alaska.

New episodes come out either Friday night or sometime on Saturday. The more response and listeners I get, the more firmly settled the schedule will be.

You can listen to Creep It Real through Anchor.FM or stream it through Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, Overcast, and Pocket Casts.

If you're wanting to connect with Creep It Real via facebook - LINK. There are submission calls, posted pictures for specific episodes, and more. Also, once we hit 100 Likes I might just set up a Creepsters group or something.

I am currently looking for Alaskan stories of any sort of high strangeness. You can email your story, sighting, strange experience, weird tale, or simply ask me a question.

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