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Art, Paranormal, History, Science, & Bodybuilding

I frequently have a TON of shit going on. It often revolves around art, paranormal, history, science, and bodybuilding. If you are reading this, chances are you've seen my other posts which (lately) have been focused around bodybuilding. That's an everyday thing.

I thought it would be good to list out all the on-going projects I have and are working on getting started. So many people ask me what I'm working on and they're always in a little disbelief when I tell them just a few things.

  • Science Project 1 - This is kind of secret, so let's just say that if it works it will be a new type of body armor. Working on getting all the stuff to make it. Then, it's testing time!

  • Science Project 2 - Sod Growth in Mars Regolith. Yep...going to grow some sod. I just need some more Mars regolith.

  • Sasquatch Surveillance Project - I'm waiting to hear back from the land owners for permission. I have this project ready to go, but it won't happen until May.

  • History of UFOs in AK Book - This book is in the works.

  • Count St. Germain Book - This book is in the works.

  • Bigfoot Expo in Fairbanks - Working on getting this set up. I have a basic plan, but I need some assistance. I can't do it alone. Planning for August/September 2021.

  • The Sketchbook Project - I ordered a sketchbook and am currently working on it. The Sketchbook Project is based in Brooklyn, NY and is a library of sketchbooks. LINK

  • FBX Art Bloc - A local effort to increase art and to form a more cohesive art community in Fairbanks. Poetry slams, art shows, performance art, etc.

  • Band - The band was put on hold due to covid. Hopefully we start back up soon, once vaccines are made more available.

  • Skywatch Party - Currently plotting some skywatch parties for Fairbanks. I've talked with some people in Wasilla who are also thinking about doing this down in Mat-Su.

  • Forensics - I've been spending a lot of time learning about forensics, particularly evidence gathering, casting tracks, collecting trace evidence, and forensic photography. I'm pretty sure I could handle a scene. I'm learning this stuff so I can apply it to sasquatch projects.

What projects do YOU have going on? What keeps you from any projects? Do you want to jump onto a project?

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