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...And, Repeat!

Hey, it's time for another repeating round of "lets hit the gym and hope to lose size". My doctor thinks that I have a chromium deficiency. Yes, chromium is the mineral used to make chrome plating.

Chrome on a car

What is a deficiency in chromium?

It's an insufficient intake of the mineral chromium. Chromium is important in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates. It stimulates fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis. They are important for brain function and other body processes. Chromium also aids in insulin action and glucose breakdown. Many people such as athletes, diabetics, pregnant women, and the elderly are especially at risk of chromium deficiency leading to impaired insulin function, inhibition of protein synthesis and energy production, and to type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

I've spent the last week and half watching my sister's two very large dogs while she (and her family) was gone for a vacation. Now that I won't be slept on by a great dane or sleeping in some sort of pretzel formation, I get to start back up at the gym tomorrow morning. I'm super excited and I really hope that chromium is the answer.

How will I know it works? I'll exercise regularly, eat healthy, and that should result in me losing size/weight. I have a month to get some results.

In other news...I've joined Rotary! I will also be collecting Halloween and other events going on in Fairbanks in October (and a little into November).

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