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2021 Summer Health Goth Essentials

I feel a little late with this post, but whatever. It's getting done. This is a list of 2021 Summer Health Goth Essentials. I am purposefully leaving out goth swimwear. Maybe I'll do a Beach Goth post later. I want to focus on the health goths who regularly hit the gym. If you think I left something out, just leave a comment! #HealthGoth

Workout Booty Shorts - WodBottom

It's summer and it's fucking hot outside. Why not opt for a pair of workout booty shorts? Maybe your thighs rub together. That's annoying as hell! Luckily these shorts from WodBottom has various inseam lengths to help you out with that. I suggest the (in order of pictures): Black Diamond, Moon Me, Amethyst, or Beetlejuicy.

New Shoes - No Bull, Adidas

Treat yo' self! Get a new pair of shoes. Here are some brands I recommend checking out. Photos, left to right: Cabernet with Grey (No Bull), Cloud Tie-Dye (No Bull), Velosamba (Adidas). Adidas are pretty classic and this is what I wear at the gym. I have been eyeballing the No Bull trainers. I've heard good things about them. They come in a variety of shoe and sole colors - they have all black or black shoe/color sole or just about whatever color you want.

Men's 2-in-1 Shorts - Underarmor, Nike, Squat Wolf

These shorts are a 2-in-1 sort of deal. You get compression with the base layer and cool durability with the top layer. I've seen these from a variety of companies and in various lengths. You can lift in them, you can run in them, you can hang out at the beach in them. Your junk won't shift around a whole lot. Photo: Iso-Chill Run 2-in-1 (Underarmor), Flex Stride (Nike), Limitless 2-in-1 (Squat Wolf)

Coffin Skateboard - Coffin Croozers

Enjoy the weather and get to where you're going via skateboard...coffin skateboard (they have a cross too). They have basic black (obviously), but they also feature some colors, stripes, and woodgrain boards.

Picnic Ready - REI, Eddie Bauer, Blue Bottle Co

Whether it's a cemetery picnic or a day at the lake or an afternoon in the park, you might need a handy cooler bag for food and beverage or some cold brew coffee that can travel. I know these are coming from those shops that you possibly never frequent, but the quality is good. Photos: Bygone Backpack Cooler (Eddie Bauer), Co-op Pack-Away 12 can (REI), Hario Cold Brew Bottle (Blue Bottle Co)

If you have a lake, river, or ocean near you, grab a paddle board and go for an adventure. This is best if you go with a friend. Photos: HD Aero Bug Slinger Inflatable (Bote Board), Xplorer Inflatable (Tower Boards), Model XL 2021 (Blackfin), 10' Explorer (Roc Sup Co), Journey Hard Board (Sup ATX), Stubby Air (Fanatic)

Read & Travel - Amazon

Check out these books on dark tourism. You may find a place nearby to venture to. This might be great fodder for blogs/social media and simply getting the fuck out of the house. Photos: "I Am The Dark Tourist" by H.E. Sawyer, "Atlas of Dark Destinations" by Peter Hohenhaus, "Dark Tourism" by John Lennon and Malcolm Foley.

Black Mesh & Net

I don't have any place in particular to find these since you have to look where you like to get your workout clothes. Having a flashy brand name really doesn't matter. What matters is that your clothes can hold up as gym wear and regular washings. Mesh and netting helps keep you cool when you're working out. It makes sense to list this as a hot summer item.

Gym Tech

This is some various stuff that might help you out at the gym or after the gym. The best thing about these items is that you can get them all through Amazon, if you so choose. Photos: Polar H7 Heartrate Monitor, FitTrack Scale, Blender Bottle, Bose Soundsport Earbuds, Fitbit Fitness Tracker, Nurvv Run GPS & Monitor

I hope this helps out any health goths out there or goths thinking about embracing a fitness-based lifestyle. If something was missed or you want to leave your opinion on something, feel free to mention it in the comments.

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Love the coffin shaped skateboards...!

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Jessie Desmond
Jessie Desmond
16 giu 2021
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They're pretty awesome. I've never skateboarded, but if I had one of those, I would.

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