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10 Fitness/Health Products I Love

The following are 10 fitness and health products that I love to use regularly. None of this is paid advertising. I just thought I'd share what I like to use. If one of these companies feels like sponsoring me, contact me. That would be cool.

Burn-XT by Jacked Factory

I take this thermogenic after my morning workout. I've been taking it for a few years now. I really love this brand. It's pretty affordable and you can purchase on their website or through Amazon.

Lean PM by Jacked Factory

This is the thermogenic I take in the evening. It has 5mg melatonin to help the body relax before bed. It's pretty affordable and you can purchase on their website or through Amazon.

Apple Fiber Powder by Bulk Supplements

This is a gentle fiber powder. I add 1 TBSP, which is roughly just over 5g fiber, to my morning protein-green smoothie. I use this daily. It's affordable at $25 for a 1.1lbs bag. I was using Now brand apple fiber (cheaper), but that is a little grainy compared to Bulk Supplements.

Pineapple Chia Cleanse by Smart Press Juice

This is fairly expensive at $45/bag, but it's worth it. It absolutely helps with my progress. I add one scoop (comes with a scoop) into my morning protein-green smoothie.

Super Greens Powder by Country Life

There are so many super green powders out there, but I like this one the most (green label). It has a mixture of super greens, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and probiotics - which is what you should be looking for in a super green powder. It's only like $16 or $17 on Amazon, so super affordable. This is part of my morning protein-green smoothie and I should mention that its not an overpowering taste. I have not tried the chocolate type (brown label) or the berry type (red label).

Workout Gloves by Harbinger

I get sweaty hands when I workout and I hate chalk, so I wear gloves when I workout. Harbinger has been the longest lasting gloves for me. It has both stretchy, breathable fabric and durable leather. Definitely affordable.

Samba OG Shoes by Adidas

These are my favorite workout shoes. They are flat-soled, making them good for lifting, but are also suitable for running or doing whatever cardio. They run about $100 and are pretty durable. I only wear my gym shoes at the gym. Once they need replacing, I get new gym shoes and my old gym shoes become "daily wear shoes" - so I still wear them.

This is one of my secret weapons in regards to staying hydrated. I count green tea and herbal teas as part of my water count. I have made it a habit of making 51oz of Moroccan mint tea (loose leaf) in the morning and drinking it before work. During work I mostly drink water and one or two cups of black coffee. This bad boy seems a little expensive until you start to use it every single day. I found it for around $50 online.

This is a whey protein that is carried at Kroger stores, which is why I get it. It's somewhere around $25. 1 scoop = 30g Protein. I toss 1 scoop into my morning protein-green smoothie and I only get strawberry or vanilla. This is soy-free.

Charcoal Body Wash

After my workouts, I use a body wash with charcoal in it. Sometimes I get Dove, sometimes it's Old Spice, sometimes it's some other brand. I'm not brand-loyal in this aspect. The charcoal helps remove toxins and I find that it really helps clear up my skin. If you find that you break out after exercising, despite your usual body wash/soap, then try something with charcoal. Charcoal body wash runs the same price as all the other body washes, so shop smart.


READERS: Do you have a favorite fitness/health product that you use on a regular basis? Leave me a comment.

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